Has anyone seen this video?

Was the white bitch Antifa? Don’t get it, and don’t get out of my cave often.

Oh… And TMZ is pure skunk piss.

What’s ‘Karen’ slapped?

Couple things trending in memes or CoD names are the names Karen’ and Carol Baskins… What’s the big idea behind them?

Well, I talked to Jon…

The Karen thing is a meme about bitchy, entitled, middle to upper-middle-class white women who get into (mostly) verbal altercations, especially with service employees and often ask to speak to the manager. The slapped part is new, because she got bitch-slapped.

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I get it… too a degree but.

Two wrong don’t make a right…

But no one is perfect either … slap on!

Does that have anything to do with that the cat/woman argument meme?

And who’s Carol Baskins?

Joe Exotic battles her throughout “The Tiger King”.

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Ah, Tiger King… Probably a good thing I’ve avoided it. The one little clip I seen was absolutely ridiculous but for all I know it could have just been a mockery skit by someone.

kung fu is the answer - glad she got smoked, though I wish the little woman’s dude would have stood in between them and not let her feel threatened in the first place

Nah, that dude had the look of a man who’d seen what was about to go down and knew better than to be in the way :joy:

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I got the impression she wore the pants and he knew to get out of her way.

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