Has there been a worse streak for Detroit teams?

I can’t remember a time where there has been literally no hope for all four franchises. The Tigers just turned in an epic fail, the Lions with Kerryon on IR, the refs ripping their hearts out, and the Diggs trade turned a promising season into SOL, the RedWings are showing they’re just not ready yet, and now Blake goes down which will mean its going to be rough for the Pistons too. There’s usually been at least one of these four teams that were halfway decent at any given time, no? Anyone remember a worse time for all four teams? It may be a good time to take a trip around the world for a couple years.


I live Dallas and have lived in Texas most of my life.

The only sports ties to Michigan are the Lions and my alma mater EMU.

I thank God for Luka Doncic

May I introduce you to the 1970s?

Pistons- 2 HOF and Jalen Rose’s dad who was #1OA pick and a huge druggie…no playoff success

Red Wings- Nicknamed the Dead Things. Nuff said

Lions-Lem Barney…annnnnnd that’s about it

Tigers-One playoff hurrah w a lot of the 68 guys, then Bird and LeFlore…annnnnd a lot of suck.


The Diggs trade sucked. Even though he has not played great this year, I still didn’t care for it.

With that said, I believe this is the most complete Lions team we have seen in awhile, and are built to be pretty good for the next few years. Building in the right direction. I still have hope for this year, but man GB and MIN are really good too. We beat GB, and if we even played a quarter of defense, could have probably beat Minny too. I really like this squad, just need them to get the defense figured out. The personnel is there

Winning the next couple games could calm the fan base after today’s trade. They come out and lay an egg Sunday and this fan base is going to spiral out of control. Winning cures all ills and this team does have the pieces to make the season interesting even after a rough few weeks.

At least the Wings have hope and direction.

Add the suck at Michigan, and State. It’s a dark season in Michigan.

But I just saved a ton of money on car insurance!

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exactly this, I was just going to cover this , but you said it all well .

At least we have Michigan and Michigan state football … uh … nvm.

Jebus, thanks for the flashback. Oh, we need you Bubba Baker!

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How did you do that? Mine just went up $30 a month. No tickets. No accidents…ever! Senior citizen. Cut rate insurance company, and plpd.

The Red Wings are probably in the best shape long term and they are probably a bottom 5 team in the league this season. That’s how dire the situation is in Detroit sports.

I’m not from Detroit (obviously based on my user name) and am only a Lions and Pistons fan but I can’t imagine being a 4 sport Detroit fan now. Rough, although I’m an Edmonton Oilers fan and if there’s any franchise that’s been more inept than the Lions in the last couple of decades, it’s the Oilers. I must be a masochist.

Actually the Lions should always be in the best shape long term. The NFL is set up that you can turn over your roster with lightning speed. The NBA is awful with their guaranteed contracts and MLB doesn’t even have a cap, so it’s apples to oranges.

The NFL has so many cases of worst to first, that it happens almost every single year. To not even sniff a 4 team division title in a quarter century is almost like they are trying to fail. Just doing nothing but drafting chalk and burning zero calories will get you to mediocre status. We can’t even do that. Probably because the ownership has been the worst in company history for 60 years, but I digress.

The Wings have the best plan, but are still years away from actually competing.
The Tigers are 4 years into a rebuild and look like that haven’t even started to rebuild. The farm system sucks and the MLB roster has nobody worthwhile on it.
The Pistons are stuck in purgatory because of a few bad contracts. They need to let them all expire and start over before they will actually ever compete.

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