Have you accepted it?

I’ve been a fan for almost 30 years(91). I’ve seen one playoff win. ONE. I’ve accepted that the Lions org is helpless. We WILL NOT win during my lifetime. I hope we do. But I have seen absolutely ZERO to make me believe this franchise can figure it out. I will continue to watch football, but I refuse to give my time & energy to a org that has shown NOTHING. I will not watch another Lions game until we at least get in the playoffs. Maybe even win one before I come back.

Dear Martha: Please sell to someone that’s not older than ww2. You’re losing your fanbase. Better draft another generational talent to pacify the fans.

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yeah. Pretty much. A few differences here and there, but yeah, I agree.
I mean, I watch Lions games. But the rest of the NFL is on mute for me.

I enjoy watching other teams in the playoffs more than I do watching the Lions. Note that I didn’t say the Lions in the playoffs, because yeah. This team takes generational talents and has them all peak in the regular season.

I’ve been a fan for 26-27ish years and was still shitting green when we won our only playoff game since 1990. I still root for and support this team because I was brain washed by an asshole father. I think we all can relate to this? LOL

I watch every game no matter how painful it is to watch. I hold out faith that our brass will accidentally introduce the winning parts to the team someday and take us to the promised land. As long as my liver can hold up I think I have about 40 more years. Just wish the odds were a little higher hahaha.


Any given Sunday …I want a Championship , if we get to the playoffs in any year it is a possibility we get a ring . We need to become a playoff team , we need to take care of our Division Games.
No one should bail , should you …the door should be locked from a return to fandom. Nothing is better than seeing it through the hell (As a Lions fan for what seems like forever) only to obtain glory.

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45 years of watching, here.
But here’s why I’m not pigeonholed into ‘just’ the Lions: I started intently watching NFL football when the Steelers rose to prominence.

I also fell in love with the Raiders, Vikings, Cowboys and Houston Oilers, in the 70s.

So NFL football has always been enjoyable for me - in spite of my home team sucking to infinity.


I attended the last 2 home Lions playoff games. One was the magical 38-6 beatdown of the Cowboys, the other was Brett Favre ripping my heart out of my ass with a bomb to Sterling Sharpe. That’s what I loved about football. Win or lose, some insane memories and feelings.

Since then, I have been a season ticket holder, attended numerous road games and spent tons of money on this team. Now, I am not one of those guys who will lie and say I am “Lions free” or that “I won’t watch any more games”, but I can tell you that for the past 5 years or so I do not spend a dime on this team. I will still meet my bro and friends to watch most of the games. I still record the games to re-watch any great plays or whatnot. I simply won’t give them my money anymore. It’s crystal clear that Martha and her late husband do not care about winning. They care about dangling a carrot and seeing how much they can squeeze our of their sheep fan base.

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Lol, I admit, I do push Lions to be our household team but I have put it out there that we can have 2nd and 3rd and 4th options. The in-laws are mostly Bengal fans for living in southern OH and Redskin fans due to their Cherokee Indian blood. We also follow the Titans closely because we lived there for 6 years…

But the big thing that I push more than anything, and call it brainwashing if you want, absolutely NO cheering for Green Bay!

I beg my youngest son to not watch. I plead with him to find something else to do. My middle son has better sense than both of us, so he’s been Lions free since before he moved out. (Though he did take us all to a game this year, so maybe he’s just as dumb as his old man.)

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Only having an antenna certainly helps. We seen maybe 4 Lions games all year and couple playoff games in CBS. Huge difference from when we had 4 years of Sunday ticket while living in TN. I like it better this way.

All the Lions games are on the radio, which is what I did as a kid too.

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I love the Lions. Always will. I’m also a 30 year plus LA Kings fan. They finally showed they cared about winning in the mid 2000s, which culminated with two Stanley Cups in the 2010s. I have seen NOTHING from this franchise that resembles what the Kings did. The closest we came was in 2011 & 2014. Jahvid & a picked up flag. Since then it’s been all downhill.

I have accepted that the Lions will not win as long as Patricia is here. He is a bigger embarrassment than Millen. Once the new coach comes in after next season, I will give him my full support.

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Been a fan since early 60’s. Recall fondly beatdown of Packers by '63 Fearsome Foursome on Thanksgiving. Had season tickets at Tiger Stadium a few year later until I moved East. Saw Chuck Hughes die on field. By now, just numb, not even comfortably numb.

I’ll always support this team. I must like to be abused. I’m a season ticket holder and I probably always will be.

I will always believe. I watched the Pistons, Wings and Tigers all win championships. I know every team has its struggles. Every team has its down years. I saw Tampa rise up and win one. a historically bad franchise. New England was once a bottom dweller and so was Seattle. The Dolphins and Bills were once considered top shelf franchises and lately not so much.

The NFL is riddled with seasons where teams went from last to first and seemed to turn it around suddenly. So it’s possible. But … I’m losing faith in BQ and MP.

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I’ve been a fan since the 60’s.
It’s entertainment.
My escape from the real stuff constantly happening in life.
These guys screw up, there’s no real consequence to me. Used to wreck my Sundays, but I have put it in the right perspective I think.
I still get disappointed, but it’s not catastrophic.
I stick with the Lions because they are my home state team.
They are who pull for. All teams Detroit!
Becoming a fan of the current hottest winning team to me would be like winning a game of go fish with your kid by cheating.
If they ever win it all, my reward for all the disappointment will be well rewarded. If not, it’s just a distraction from serious concerns anyway.

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yeah me too and I don’t even live in Michigan. My wife wishes I would just give up, but she is a Vikings fan.