Having no fans change your draft?

Offensive side of the ball would benefit. And home field advantage lessened. Maybe we should draft all skill players on the offense. Just a thought. Some coach is thinking it.

They could cover all the seats in green and digitally add fans and crowd noise lol

Lots of points. Betting the over unless Vegas is already making it higher.

again having power to one side/half of your team means little in my book, you defense remains putrid and is easily moved from the field of play. your offense gets quickly winded because it has zero help to get a rest , begins making mistakes and weakening to eventually, then what?

you see your offense has to slap some points up when they are on the field /hopefully each and every time they are on the field. that does two things, A. makes it more difficult for your opponents to win AND gives your defense a R&R /breather session before they see the field again. Defenses job is to keep opponents from scoring AND helping the offense take a break to .
It also allows OUR coaches time to get a good look at what our rival is trying to do against us all game both offensively & defensively SO they can plan against that…

but IMO you cannot have one part of your team be productive , and the other half be DOA…it’s going to fall apart. your defense and offense help eachother.