Head Coach candidates

Ok… so, while some believe that Patricia is 100% staying I am not so convinced. If the Lions lose out that means 9 straight losses. Hard to keep your job ending the season like that. Who are some candidates that you would like?

  1. Marvin Lewis- this guy brought Cincy to respectability. It was bad before he got there. To the point of them giving guys used jock straps at the beginning of camp. Even if you don’t want to look at him as HC, I think he would be a good addition as president of the organization. He is a professional, and will help bring the Lions organization out of the cellar where Quinn and Patricia brought them. The guy knows how an organization should operate.

  2. Riverboat Ron- I think it’s a foregone conclusion that he gets fired in Carolina. He is a players coach, but can also keep guys in line. He is aggressive with his decisions during the game and will have instant credibility with in the locker room. He coaches to win.

  3. Jim Schwartz- yeah, I would love to have Schwartz back and also give him complete personnel control. The guy will learn from his mistakes as HC before. He brought this organization from 0-16 to 10-6 in 3 years. He fully embraced the city and the mindset. He was also responsible for the 2013 draft here; and IMO has a great eye for talent. I’ve believed for awhile that Schwartz is going to be a slam dunk hire for anyone looking for a head coach. I have seen guys be successful In their 2nd stint, with the same organization. I would love to see Schwartz here to finish what he started. This guy was built to coach football in a blue collar city like Detroit.

HM- Mike McCarthy: I know he’s not popular, but he’s been there and done that.

John Fox as president- another guy who knows how an organization should be run; and would be respectability back to the organization. He’s a professional. I do not want him as HC only in a FO role.

Not interested in any first time coach.


Of the ones you mentioned I would like…

1- Riverboat Ron
2- Schwartz
3- McCarthey

I want nothing to do with Lewis

I could get behind McCarthy as HC but ONLY if he lets someone else run the offense. Marvin and Ron would be alright as well. I agree that the last thing we should even think about doing is hiring another first time HC.

I’m of the 100% return for another season view

I think most everyone here would view a Schwartz return favourably
Other than the wide 9? :crazy_face:

Not I’m interested in any of the other candidates
Also, not sure I favour personnel control


McCarthy squandered the league’s greatest asset. No thank you.

I agree with Mayhew that the team lacked leadership under Schwartz. You can’t just come down from your mountain once a week and consider that “leadership”, no matter the story or proverb you share.

Ron coaching under Lewis as the GM… That would be interesting. The drafting that Cincy has done over the years has been among the league’s best. The conservative coach that Lewis was, mixed with the gambler that Rivera was might provide a decent yin-yang.

Teams don’t go from 0-16 to 10-6 in 3 years with a HC who isn’t a leader. It’s just not possible. Schwartz made mistakes, but he is a leader. I also wouldn’t say Mike McCarthy squandered the leagues biggest asset. They won a SB. It’s not easy to do… Peyton Manning only won 1 SB with the Colts organization and he is a top 5 QB of all time. I agree with Wesley, though… I don’t want MM calling plays/ running the Offense.


Like I said, I side with Mayhew on that one. Mayhew assembled a very nice roster that Caldwell would likely have done more with because Caldwell would have coached his greatest assets instead of stroking their egos.

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A far reach, but if UM canned Harbaugh, could he be a candidate? His game seems to be more suited for the pros.

We have been blessed with a short bus full of GMs here in my lifetime. Just once, I would like an above average one. Is that too hard to ask for?

There’s no way Patricia gets canned even if they lose out. The Stafford injury sealed that fate.

Furthermore, they are trying to build a stable culture here so they aren’t going to fire the coach after 2 years. They’re trying to build a foundation for long term success so they’re going to give these guys more than a couple of years to build it and quite frankly, I think they saw this as a development year which is odd since the QB is 30+ but I have a feeling that playoffs was gravy for them this season.

As much as I’m not a fan of Patricia (I think he’s a bigger issue than Quinn), I think he deserves one more year to get this ship righted. I know the defense has been a disaster but every game has gone down to the wire even without Stafford and the season could have been very different had a few breaks gone their way. This year in particular was a very fine line between them being a playoff contender and a bottom feeder. Not saying that 3-8-1 is acceptable by any means but just adding some perspective to this whole thing.


This is a thread for HC candidates. Not a debate whether Patricia is going to stay or not.

This thread is about “Head Coaching” candidates and Patricia is the current head coach so it’s fair game to debate whether he should be fired to start a search for “Head Coaching Candidates”.

As for a potential candidate if he is indeed fired, I could see them making a serious run for Harbaugh who appears burned out at Michigan.


I’m not sure Caldwell would’ve gotten more out of guys like #2 WR Kris Durham, Kicker David Akers, or their XFL level secondary. Those rosters were not solid. The 2013 helped but didn’t help Schwartz much until after he was gone.

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I could see him going to Cleveland. I think a year away from the game might be good for Jimmy.

I like Schwartz but hope Michigan goes against the grain and get him, if he’s willing…

Other than him I’d go 1 more year with MP and make it clear, win Now or you’re gone the moment Lions are eliminated from the playoffs next year.

And your position on Patricia is based on absolutely nothing. There is “no way” Patricia gets fired after this season. You have no idea whether he will get fired or not. You also saying that they believe it was a developmental year is based on nothing at all. Their FA spending IE: Mike Daniels on a 1 year deal indicates that it was not a developmental year. Bob Quinn saying that 9-7 isn’t good enough does not indicate that it was a developmental year.

If you want to have a stable culture here, having a HC who lost the locker room and alienated the players is certainly not the road to go down.

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I’ve got, in this order
Bill Billicheck
Bill Parcells
Bill Cowher

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Bill Nye

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Bill Cosby

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Oh I see, so my opinions are based on “nothing” yet your opinion about Patricia losing the locker room and alienating the players should be taken as gospel? Gotcha.

All I’m saying is what we’ve heard from the Lions is that they want to build a foundation based on stability and success meaning that they are looking at the long game for success. Firing the coach after 2 seasons would contradict that. Obviously it’s just my opinion based on that. Of course I don’t know for sure that Patricia will be retained but I’d be shocked if he isn’t.