Help me settle an argument

I’ve been having a somewhat heated debate with some of my Twitter followers/podcast listeners about sports teams revealing injury information to fans.

Now, it WAS primarily about hockey, but it doesn’t really matter, especially since a lot of them brought other sports into it. Anyway …

Do you think it’s the team’s responsibility to give full injury info? Or are you OK with “upper body injury” and things like that?

On one hand, you’ve got people saying the teams job is to entertain fans, therefore it’s the fan’s right to know.

On the other, you have some saying the GM is NEVER hired with entertainment in mind. They’re hired PURELY to win games. (Some say that winning by itself is entertaining, therefore the being hired to win argument is dead.)

That end of the debate states there is no advantage whatsoever for fans to know the injury details, therefore it’s pointless to reveal it.

I may reveal which end of the debate I’m on in replies, but for now I want to try and be unbiased for honest responses. So where do you stand?

Accurate injury reports are for gambling purposes. This has nothing to do with general fandom.


I feel like the main reason they are theoretically obligated to do it, is because of betting. Aside from that, I don’t think there would be any accountability and/or reason to care, for the powers that be. The more sports becomes about money, the less connected to it I become.

I feel like the biggest driver is gambling. If I’m going to bet on sports, I deserve to know who is/isn’t competing.

“If I had known that ______ was injured, I never would have made that bet.” That sort of thing happens often enough, people will stop betting.


I want to see the details of injuries. I think the hockey injury reports are way too damn vague.

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Full disclosure and PEDs for everyone. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!?!?!?


I’d have to side with…we don’t need to know. As frustrating as it is, I don’t think any announcements of injury should have to be made. Not even general announcements.

But on a similar topic, what about the current trend of NBA teams “resting” their players. I’d be pretty pissed as a fan if I plopped down $500 to go watch the Lakers and then found out that Lebron and AD were not going to play because of rest. I think the NBA passed some rules about resting players when this starting becoming a trend, but I can’t remember what they rule was.

I supposed I could look it up, but I’m resting right now.


Personally, I don’t think they owe us squat.


Why not?

What about gambling like others mentioned?

(I’m not disagreeing with you, I’m just asking)

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My take is keep all injuries secret. You want to gamble then really gamble. Why let the other team know anything. Make them gameplan for the best.


Aside from my desire to see us fully embrace our blood lust, I’ll say this:

The NFL is more transparently than ever, if not more than ever period, in league with gambling. Fantasy football is gambling, office pools are gambling and daily fantasy football is DEFINITELY gambling. The NFL has grown into not only America’s game, but America’s dominant media property on the back of accepted, socialized gambling.

That being said, they also have developed a narrative structure. They facilitate drama with their various media partnerships create and develop stories that sell.

So… the NFL is at a crossroads. Do they want to be A. a legitimate sport with limited commercial bias like…uh…D3 soccer? Probably not…Do they want to be the WWE and purely driven by story line? Also no. Do they want to commit to competitive objectivity and abandon narrative driven outcomes…Well, that’s the 5 billion dollar question, isn’t it?

My hunch is there’s more money to be made on the narrative, so we’ll continue to get manufactured wins and losses but I could be wrong.


Your good Adrian. I almost added to my post that if I was gambling I would want to know but I don’t gamble. I guess I am adverse to the idea of being owed something.

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I am in the “They dont need to give the full injury.” It has no advantage, and i would rather they win then know what they hurt. I just want to here updates that they a head of schedule or on schedule with rehab.


Letting the public know of an injury and their status for a game levels the playing field…details about said injury is not necessary, just a timeline IMO.


In hockey its too easy to slash a specific spot and take a 2 minute penalty in exchange for disabling a player.


A player should be protected from other players. Providing too much information can be harmful to their well-being.

Now, if you have a guy like Stafford who is out with a back issue, the team owes it to the base to divulge a certain amount information pertaining to the injury, just to keep the rumors to a minimum.

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What do you mean by “levels the playing field”?

Levels the playing field for what purpose? Are you talking about leveling the playing field with the opponent? If so, why should they have to level the playing field with their opponent?

Exactly! As long as Stafford is on the active roster, you have game plan for him. Driskel and Blough, also bring nuances that you have to game plan for. You have to plan for both, and hopefully that creates some confusion in the defense.

Part of the injury ‘secrecy’ is to cover their own ass from both from public criticism and liability issues.

I mean how would the fans have reacted knowing Stafford was playing with a broken back last year—and continued to play during meaningless games----near the end of the season when they were officially eliminated. The injury carried over to this season because of their negligence. Patricia was more concerned about how the record looked on paper than about the health of his franchise QB. That’s my hunch anyway, no way to prove it.

Stafford was babied throughout the entire off-season and training camp. I knew something was up when they tried out about 1,000 backup QB’s when normally they don’t give it a passing thought because Stafford had become somewhat of an iron man.

In a related matter they should expand the roster sizes and game day roster sizes. Every team has 53 players on the active roster but only 46 of them are declared active for each game. Suit up everyone who has a contract excluding the PS guys. Coaches are almost forced to play the inured players and the quality of the product suffers.


It let’s both teams know who’s going to play and who isn’t so they can prepare better… It also levels the playing the field for gambling, cuts down on the inside information

Everyone deserves to know whether a player will in be in the upcoming game or not. Other than that, who needs to know whether its a brain injury or turf toe. Shouldn’t matter.