Henry Ruggs should be the target if Lions trade down

Starting at #5. He is a special talent unlike Den favorites Okudah and Brown. Freakish speed/ vertical. Great hands. Incredible play away from the football. Still relatively new to the game. Guys with his athleticism don’t come around often. He will have a Tyreek Hill impact in the NFL and is worthy of a high pick , even in a loaded WR class. He is the best WR in the draft.

Top picks are supposed to be for elite talents. Not guys with average speed, who like to clutch and grab like Okudah… or guys who are extremely limited athletically like Brown. Neither of these guys are worthy of top ten picks and they shouldn’t even be a consideration for the Lions. It is comical to listen to all the Lions fans clamour for Okudah LOL… when there are much more valuable players like Ruggs or quality O tackles Becton/ Andrew Thomas available.

The league is designed for offense so why would you want some limited CB over a player like Ruggs? It’s lunacy and hopefully the Lions aren’t even considering taking Okudah or Brown. Lions need to get game breakers. Ruggs is the definition of a game breaker. I usually cringe at the idea of taking a WR high, but Ruggs will take the offense to the next level.


Yes, why waste valuable picks on defense, when it makes much more sense to better our top 5 passing attack, when we are bringing back ALL of the skill players who were here for our top 5 passing attack…


I love Ruggs and he is my favorite WR in this draft!

Just not sure where I would wanna select him at…5 may be a little early but what doI know!


Really, I understand what Iggy is saying here. I don’t necessarily agree, but I understand. It basically boils down to BPA vs Need, and Iggy is saying you go BPA at the top of the draft.

Of course, there are two issues here: First, is Iggy’s assessment that you have to go BPA at the top of the draft true, regardless of need? And second, is Ruggs really going to be the BPA when the Lions pick?

I don’t know if either of those statements are true. I’m not sure either of them are false, though, either, so it’s a legitimate conversation to have. I’m not sold on Brown- I’m not sure he’s enough of an upgrade over what we have or can get in FA to justify a high pick. I’m higher on Okudah, but I get Iggy’s argument that he lacks elite measureables. But similarly, I’m not sure Ruggs is so elite that we have to take him. It’s not like players with elite speed have just been tearing it up in the league lately. (See Ross, John and Heyward-Bey, Darius.)

I’d be really happy with Chase Young at 3. I’d be happy with Okudah at 5, assuming we used the extra trade capital wisely. I’d be unhappy with Ruggs, I think. But I’m a couch potato, not a scout, and I could easily be wrong. And Iggy could easily be right.


I don’t know why anyone would take Ruggs over Jeudy, who got twice as many targets on the same team, and a higher catch rate on those targets. Analytics isn’t the be-all-end-all, but the one prospect they’re all unanimously lower on is Ruggs. Food for thought anyway.


Assuming Young goes to Wash, the Lions get two DT’s in FA and Slay is extended. Then I hope for a double trade down from 3.

That’s the only way I see us going WR with our first pick. If we do my top 3 are.

Lamb, Juedy, Jefferson and then Ruggs.

Personally I think the Lions get the most value by trading down twice. Getting a defensive playmaker round one then go WR and RB round two.

I’m kinda hoping Jefferson makes it to us round two.

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Your entire argument pre combine for not taking a CB was you do not Draft a CB top #5… teams don’t do that …very few get drafted that high and the results from the CB take sometime.

Now it’s we should draft a WR Top #5 ? When 5 WR’s have been drafted Top 5 the last 10 years …in Green , Blackmon , Watkins, Cooper & Davis with Green proving really the only guy worth his investment ?
Lamb & Jeudy are complete WR’s …Drafting Ruggs over either would be purely for speed which I think would be a pure waste of a top 5 pick .

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If you believe that Ruggs is not a complete WR, you simply haven’t been paying attention, or have NO clue what you’re watching. Ruggs does pretty much everything well, and it shows on the tape.

I am not a fan of drafting a WR high, but there is no doubt that WR holds more value than a CB and Ruggs is a much better prospect than Okudah. Ruggs is the best WR in this draft without question. He would add another layer to the offense. No one in FA can provide the element Ruggs does. No one available for trade can do what he can do. He’s a very rare player.

Jeudy is a great route runner and will be in a good NFL WR… Ruggs is the better NFL prospect. Hands, speed , athleticism and physicality. He has it all.


Alvin Kamara didn’t start over Jalen Hurd in college and Jalen got almost 3 times the touches.

Josh Jacobs got less touches than Damien Harris on the same Alabama team

Neither Damien Harris or Jalen Hurd are comparable NFL talents to the guys they got more production and touches than in college.

Jeudy is good but I just think Ruggs is a better NFL talent.

I like Ruggs but I strongly disagree. I’m not as big on him as some are. Let me explain why.

He wasn’t even the best WR on his team. I watched a lot of Alabama games. There’s a reason most of the double teams went to Juedy and Smith.

Ruggs and Waddle both had similar stats and took advantage of Smith and Juedy drawing the most attention. He was excellent in jet sweeps and bubble screens for Alabama. They often used him in motion or in stacked alignments to keep him clean where his speed could get the most benefits. That’s hard to do without Smith and Juedy drawing attention from the opponents top CB’s frequently leaving him in one on one situations against opponents LBer and Safeties.

D. Smith was 68rec 1256yrds 18.5avg 14tds
Juedy was 77 rec 1163yrds 15.1avg 10tds
Ruggs was 40rec 746yrds 18.7avg and 7 tds.

Ruggs reminds me “a little bit” of Golden Tate. Great runner in space and after the catch. I believe his speed and running ability will help him be successful in the NFL. But I see him having the most success as a slot WR. I think he can play both Y and Z but like Tate the slot is where he will thrive. Like Tate he has good hands, speed, and is excellent after the catch. Also like Tate he’s not the most physical WR and you won’t see him boxing out defenders like Galloday and M. Jones do. However also like Tate he will challenge and win contested balls.

He’s very good but I don’t think he’s the best this draft offers. If I’m drafting a WR that high it’s going to be a WR that project to any position X, Y and Z.

Juedy and Lamb are the best this draft offers.

Jefferson and Ruggs fall into the next category in my book.


I know what I’m watching in Ruggs…He caught as many balls behind the line of scrimmage as he did from the line of scrimmage to 10 yards over it … Talented kid , ridiculous speed …but not a WR that’s winning 50/50 balls in contested situations … not a WR that high points his catches hence not complete , a weapon no doubt. Ruggs was 5 of 15 on any pass that traveled 15 yards in the air in 2019 he had 3 TDS in those 5 catches but he was wide open and not contested .

I don’t see the physical WR …like a Steve Smith …Strength …Why didn’t he Bench at the combine? Why no 20 yard shuttle …He’s a burner does he have the wiggle ?


Wrath, your Josh Jacobs and N. Harris stats are not accurate. While Harris had less carries, he had more yards as well. Just saying.

2018 att yds
J. Jacobs 120 640
N. Harris. 117 783

They played together on the same team for 3 years …Harris 431 touches , Jacobs 251…

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Damien Harris not Najee Harris

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D. Harris played 3 yrs with J. Jacobs. Najee Harris only played 2 yrs with J. Jacobs.

N. Harris had 179 touches in those 2 years while in the same 2 years Josh had 168 touches. Still Najee still had more yards.

But yes, I didn’t combine the 2nd year together. Not much different in touches. No comparison can be made on these 2 yet, what I was trying to convey.

Ahhh yes I see it now. Sorry Wrath

We can argue about who the top receivers are. We can’t argue Juedy, Lamb, Ruggs, Jefferson and Shenault would all look great in a Lions Uniform. Pair a top notch receiver with Swift (I like Swift best, but Taylor or Dobbins work also) and some OL help and this offense could be really, really good.

Maybe a trade like this: Det #3 + #35. For Miami #5, #26, #39, #56 lands us Swift, Ruggs and OL.

A lot of teams are just RB factories, like Bama, like UGA and you can’t really put a ton into who gets the most carries. I think if you ask who was Bama’s #1 WR, the answer would be Jeudy. I think if you ask who the top CB covered week in and week out, it was Jeudy. Ruggs is an explosive player. But at 3 or 5? Laughable and if any team takes him in the top 10, I’ll happily come back here and gobble road killed crow. Methinks a certain draft guru here, when he goes in the 20’s, will say how stupid 20 some GM’s are to miss on a top 5 OA WR.


Sure it’s possible, but those are outliers, and betting on outliers is generally bad draft strategy (you also could have inluded Terry McLauren, another outlier).

Also, while it’s exceedingly unlikely Harris or Hurd has better careers, neither one has had a chance to prove themselves. Hurd was actually drafted right around Kamara in his respective draft.

I like Ruggs, he’s 3rd on my list - especially because like Will Fuller, he can have an effect on the game without catching a pass. But it’s a distant 3rd.

I’ll do more work on this when I get home off the top of my head I think Jarvis Landry had more production than Odell Beckham Jr and AJ Brown doubled up DK Metcalf even when DK played most of the games.