Henry Ruggs

Was watching a Path to the Draft episode while on the treadmill this morning
FWIW they had Ruggs ranked as #1 wr
Jeudy #2
Just ahead of Lamb

After a trade down a wr could be in play for the Lions as their 2nd selection

I could see Ruggs working nicely with Stafford
I suppose highly unlikely


Don’t think any of the three WRs you mentioned make it out of Round 1.

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I want a trade down with Miami and take Simmons at 5 and Ruggs at 18!

2 immediate impact players on both sides of the ball!

Problem is Ruggs won’t be there at 18

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No, I agree
But with a trade down two first round picks possible?

Any of those 3 at 18 would be a nice grab

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Again, I’ll ask, how many fast, skinny WR’s have had good NFL careers?

I’m with the rest of you, if we trade back and get a couple of first round picks between 10-15 range, I’d be fine with using one of them on Ruggs…but not anything higher.

I’ve read Miami has no intention of parting with either 18 or 26. And, they probably won’t need to spend that draft capital to move up.

Ruggs would be a big upgrade in the slot. Amendola played well last year, but found the endzone one time. Imagine Ruggs with Amendola’s 60+ catches, guessing he would find the endzone more than once. Again, the Lions have to go with CY at #3 or trade down and try to come up with two 1st rd picks, one for D and the other for WR or OT.

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Ruggs in 11 personnel with Golladay, Marvin, Hockenson & KJ is no doubt a huge upgrade that I would have a hard time not touching myself about :joy:

Ruggs here to what we have currently would be a perfect fit and a play maker we lack…
He is an elite talent not an elite WR and would be the last of the three I drafted or would want if I needed to replace a WR we currently have other then Amendola …I take Lamb or Jeudy everyday over Ruggs as complete WR’s

I was thinking it’s a little steep for an injury prone QB

Ruggs is not a slot guy
I think Jeudy is more of a slot guy

Yeah, you’ve argued this at every turn
I just provided a reference point
Those rankings were based largely off PFF
I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the 3 — and they’re all very close

So that says
Ruggs likely gone before 14
At least one of Jeudy or Lamb goes before Ruggs
Also tells me highly unlikely Lions get to a position to get him

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Ruggs is not a hands catcher…the avg fan can watch highlights and see this, every catch he lets get into his body . I’ve watched him make some nice catches with his hands on a few crossers , I do not think he has bad hands, he just lets the ball into his body.
Ruggs route running is not crisp it leaves a lot to be desired. Contested catches or high pointing balls were near non existent as well as over the shoulder grabs . Tua throws a nice easy ball that drops in, which helps with the way Rugg’s catches passes…Stafford passes and Tua’s passes could not be further apart for the velocity that they arrive with … Lamb and Jeudy are much more polished WR’s …When I say slot for Rugg’s that is what I would see for him here and would love to have him .

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I don’t think we’ll be able to come away with Ruggs even after a trade down. I’ll be super disappointed if BQ doesn’t get great value on a WR with the depth in the draft.