Herbert Vs Stafford

Hello my fellow Denizens. Well, another media member—-Dave Dameshek—-is speculating that Stafford may be on the move.

I’m an ardent supporter of Stafford. With that said, this draft is a very important one for us.

Most pundits have Tua in our sights if we go QB at #3. What about Herbert though?

How does Herbert compare to Stafford coming out of school in your opinion?

It appears to me that Herbert had a more successful college career…atleast from an individual perspective. His team turned in a very solid year this year.

He’s taller, more mobile, and probably has equal arm strength or close to it.

Sure he has some accuracy issues…as did Stafford.

I’m not saying we draft Herbert and ship Stafford out, but I’m more open to listening than I was 4 weeks ago.

We are in position to draft a potential young franchise QB which is a position we hopefully won’t be in again anytime soon. Ofcourse currently we have a proven franchise QB in his prime…albeit with some injury concerns.

BQ and MP have their work cutout for them that is for sure.

Hey, maybe they can bounce some ideas off Joey Blueskies. He certainly knows about Oregon QBs and franchise QBs. Oops :grimacing:.


TBH, if stafford really is hurt, or if this team really is doomed for next year, I’m not making a move this offseason and going for Trevor Lawrence next year.


Stafford on the move soaks up a large chunk of our cap space and virtually guarantees that we don’t meet the very tepid so completely Ford mandate of “playoff contention”.

If he is healthy enough to trade, why wouldn’t QuinnTricia hold him like a rosary at a funeral, since he is their only hope? If he isn’t healthy enough to trade, then the point is moot.

“Media members”, or as I like to call them, People Who Are Paid to Pump Out Noise On the Regular so they can Eat, I don’t trust At All about speculative topics like this.


Weaselpuppy—-very well said.

If we move on from Stafford in 2021, the cap hit is much less.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

What do you guys think of Herbert as a prospect? How did you view Stafford as a prospect?

QB Hater, Lawrence is one heck of a prospect no doubt about it.

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I’m in the corner of making everyone believe we will take a QB. I want everyone to know we are trading up AND trading down. No angle or rumor is too stupid. Quinn should be the puppet master to all this, but I don’t see it. Detroit is in the catbird seat here.


9-7 is not good enough.
A rookie QB is not an excuse.

I don’t think this staff is on the hot seat, especially given the track record of this ownership. I believe they will be brought back even if they are sniffing the playoffs. The “mandate” was playoff contention. Loosely interpreted term to appease fans - means nothing, IMO.

That said, I think we’ll have a pretty nice team, this year.


If it makes the playoffs, and we win a po game, sure it is. Titans just went 9-7

Well…I think its ridiculous to think that Stafford is leaving. If his back is a problem, then why would any other team want him? IMO, all of this is smoke to make teams think were seriously considering it. That way if they trade up with Washington we get Chase Young. Or the deal sweetens for us.


I think Herbert is a bit of a project. sites’ scouts I read said he had a tendency to focus on one side of the field quite a bit , needs work on his field vision and going through his progressions. end quote .

my take is he could use a QB coach ala Stafford -had- and would need time to develop/refine his footwork and QB responsibilities before he starts, so he already has these things nipped in the bud WHEN he starts.

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It’s a sales job. 3rd pick here. Get your 3rd pick here.


The only variable for me here is whether they want to reduce the cap. But a 32 mill charge to the cap this year? In a win or go home season for Quintricia? It just seems very unlikely to me.

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I am wondering when Patricia/Quinn will be fired this year , I am thinking after 4 games

sure as hell won’t be long if they baff up this offseason and we get three or four wins again --before Quin is fired.

I’m glad you said it. It’s been a popular narrative, but I don’t think it’s as do-or-die as it’s been made out to be.

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I am with you two, while I do believe that Martha is expecting certain things I am not sure that it is where many believe it is at. I would say that it is more of a lukewarm seat, you know the kind that you get when you sit down in a chair right after someone else just got up a few minutes before.

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I tend to agree with this. I do not believe they are on the hot seat either. I think Martha just wants a competitive team not a bottom dweller. When I read what she wrote I didn’t read an ultimatum of playoffs or else. It felt far softer than that.

With that in mind. What if BQ and MP think Staffords days are coming to an end? What if Martha signed off on drafting a QB for the future?

I think the most likely scenario isn’t that Matt is traded but that the Lions keep him and draft his future replacement. Matt offers the bridge to groom Tua a year or two before he retires a Lion. Tua gets to get healthy and learn.

The thought that the Lions would tank next year to get Lawrence is highly unlikely. The team is far better than their record and I do not think anyone believes the Lions will be drafting #1 overall next year.

If the Lions want a QB than this could be the year to get him.

However if the Lions feel Stafford will get healthy and has at least 4-5 more years left in the tank than they probably won’t look at QB’s.

I believe it all comes down to how many years they think Matt as left. But I think QB is probably play at some point in the draft.

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First let me say that if Tua didn’t have injury concerns that he would be the top pick in the draft. No question in my mind.

Herbert has a ton of potential but he needs a good QB coach to clean up his game. If he lands in a stellar program like say NE than I think he will have complete success. I expect the Herbert talk to go up after the combine.

If the smoke and mirrors aren’t fooling posters on this board, why do you think it would be fooling other GMs? They aren’t stupid.