Herbert Vs Stafford

You can’t blame them for trying. Eventually if there is enough smoke people start to wonder.

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I think the Lions really hurt themselves in this regard when they gush over Stafford every offseason. Not sure why they don’t just do that privately. Every team in this league knows Quinn and Patricia go out of their way to praise Stafford.

I’ll never understand firing a coach midseason. I want a bad coach to suffer with his team.
Firing a coach midseason let’s them off easy.

Only way Matt is not the QB this year is he retires because of back injury. That wouldn’t shock me . He will not be traded if healthy .

Like someone said all this BS you read is to get clicks $

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If fans are frustrated with Stafford, they are going to be even more frustrated with Herbert if he becomes the Lions QB. Same types of issues except Herbert doesn’t have the off-platform arm talent that Stafford has, but he’s much more athletic and a credible threat to scramble. BUT, Herbert has been banged up a lot when he ran more on designed runs. This year they really tried to limit those plays so they could preserve him from taking shots.

I’m baffled by the fixation on Herbert on this board.

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Love Justin Herbert , the prospect . The QB with the most GOD given talent in this draft .

He is not a day one starter here . Is the perfect candidate to sit and learn . If selected he would do just that, as Stafford will be the starting QB and should be .
I would love nothing more to be in a position of having a potential franchise QB sitting in waiting if and when Stafford decides to hang them up and not be sitting with our pants around our ankles with no plan for the future .
You can teach foot work , a system , reading defenses etc…
You can not teach 6ft 6 , 235lbs and a cannon for an arm, a QB that is also very mobile and athletic … add to it that supposedly he is off the charts smart, humble and very self driven …He is the poster boy for a squeaky clean type prospect .

Yup - I don’t feel like they’ll draft a QB, but they may…exactly as you say, dependent upon their confidence in Matt’s health. I also agree that if we did draft a QB, he’d be behind Matt for awhile.

As bad as #9 wants to win a SB here, I really would like for him to be the one to do it. The entire city is gonna flip, when we fiiiiiiinally get it done.

Or maybe it’s like, 4D chess, where we’re SO complimentary of Stafford that other front offices start to get suspicious and start to think we’re hyping him up to disguise our interest in drafting a quarterback. Our coach is a rocket scientist, dontcha know.

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Hey, OT but I’m gonna try your Fat Nutlicker diet…

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