Here because 247 site is leaving football

Haha - I remember those posts. Has “xxxx” played himself off the team? I forget who it started with, (does anyone remember) but there were alot of Lions over several weeks who were inserted for the “XXXX”…including of course Matthew Stafford.

I’m just curious, I guess i was late to the party here - only a couple months ago since leaving 247. How long has THIS board been in existence as a welcome replacement to 247??

Also miss Atticus, Sporty, VLG … and Jigga…who I always get a kick out of.

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To JJ,
Nov '18 seems to be date. I found this place in April.

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Thanks Sid. So I missed 9 months of good discussions. I need a highlight film of those 9 months!!

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Please, it’s “Syd”. The other sid makes my sphincter tighten.


Wolfcub started the first one and the rest were just having a little fun with it. Pretty funny stuff.

247 board still working? Cause I sure in the he’ll can’t get in it.

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Ah yes, Syd. Sorry. I thought I was the only one that happened to!

That’s right, everyone was spoofing on the Cub. Cub - who did it start with? Tabor? AShawn? I forget! Classic stuff!

Nope the Russians kicked everyone out and locked the doors.

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I had no idea you could still access it. After toggling certain functions for a while that never worked, I gave up.

It’s dead…

It was a day or two before the first game. I was just in a conversation the day before, checked in to check up and boom, gone. I didn’t even know that the den left separately when 247 took over. The den was where I started.
Not knowing where dudes went, I found 3RDGR on some other site and he told me you guys were here. Thank God. And 3RDGR.
I even tried out reddit. What depths I had sunk to…

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It was Davis. And last time I checked, he has not played himself off the team.

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Pretty sure it was Davis that Cub was asking about

I just said the same. I didn’t see you had already beat me to it :slight_smile:

Thx guys…Yeah - it sounded so outlandish at the time. Maybe Cub was onto something. Hope this bye week was good for Davis’ recovery, he does need to step it up!

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Is Netrat’s forum still around? I left that place about 2 years ago. Angry drove me out of there…lol

It was funny. But what was funnier is that it evolved so well…every time a guy made a bad play…had he played his way off the team…if a poster made a dumb post…had he posted his way off the team…coaching blunder…coached his way off the team.

It took on a life of it’s own :slight_smile: