Here because 247 site is leaving football

I had no idea you could still access it. After toggling certain functions for a while that never worked, I gave up.

It’s dead…

It was a day or two before the first game. I was just in a conversation the day before, checked in to check up and boom, gone. I didn’t even know that the den left separately when 247 took over. The den was where I started.
Not knowing where dudes went, I found 3RDGR on some other site and he told me you guys were here. Thank God. And 3RDGR.
I even tried out reddit. What depths I had sunk to…

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It was Davis. And last time I checked, he has not played himself off the team.

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Pretty sure it was Davis that Cub was asking about

I just said the same. I didn’t see you had already beat me to it :slight_smile:

Thx guys…Yeah - it sounded so outlandish at the time. Maybe Cub was onto something. Hope this bye week was good for Davis’ recovery, he does need to step it up!

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Is Netrat’s forum still around? I left that place about 2 years ago. Angry drove me out of there…lol

It was funny. But what was funnier is that it evolved so well…every time a guy made a bad play…had he played his way off the team…if a poster made a dumb post…had he posted his way off the team…coaching blunder…coached his way off the team.

It took on a life of it’s own :slight_smile:

Out of boredom I went back over there to see if there were any boards still up. It seemed like when we were going thru the process, some boards didn’t have an issue with “legacy mode” while others did. A majority of the NFL boards have been taken down, and no longer have a link to them. Here are the ones that are still there:


I just find that interesting so I thought I’d share.

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Let me guess, sans Jax, all league/media darlings?

What’s really interesting is when you look and see the Lions were the only NFC North team booted.


I’ve posted on the Cleveland forum a few times. Very active board with great fans.

And possibly the most active… Weird. I can’t day for sure because it’s probably been 5 years since I visited the other team boards.

Looks like iTopher was the last one to ever post in The Den on Oct 14th. They killed it on the 16th when legacy mode was disabled.

They had some 247 dude say the boards they kept were because they had “actual publishers”. Yeah right. Publisher wannabees more like.

The Packers board chased off Hyatt by banning him for challenging the new professional publisher dipsh*ts on their board. So that pretty much kills the Packers board IMO.

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Hyatt was such a reasonable and nice dude. Craziness!


Congrats Toph! If you ever come over, you’ll always have the honor of being the last poster at 24/7.

I wish there was a way to reach Hyatt. I’d love to send him a formal invite – other than my brother in law, Hyatt is the only Packers fan I can stand.

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Which made it worse. It’s so much easier to just hate Packer fans.


I wish someone could get a hold of LionsWingsSlash, he was a quality poster!


I’d welcome Hyatt with open arms here as well, he’s a good dude and better poster.

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