Hey Air, perhaps we are wrong about CY and Lions?

@Air2theThrown, take what you will from Risdon, but he seems to think if by some chance CY falls to 3, the lions would sprint to the podium. But McShay doesn’t see that happening. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I swear these guys read this board. A lot of the stuff covered were mentioned here first! :wink:


I can tell you for a fact that Jeff is aware of The Den.


Risdon’s piece a lot of “no news”…except that he thinks Okudah would be the pick if CY is off the board, I don’t think many here feel that Okudah wod be our pick.

I think he will be the pick Some may want different player but the right pick is the CB


Well I think the important thing in the piece is the part about CY and the lions taking him if he was there…some here don’t think they would, including myself.

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I don’t let others sway my opinion much. The Lions’ biggest problem was we couldn’t provide a good pass rush , yet we thumb our noses at one of the top DE’s in the draft like we are too good a team for Chase Young to play on? It is the goal to improve our pass rush, but IF Young happens to be there @3, your going to say “nah I don’t think so.” Then Simmons goes out and destroys the 40 time with a 4.3 , but “he’s not athletic enough.” now? I wouldn’t make Simmons a 1st-round draft pick , but IF he’s there at 2nd round I’d pull the trigger.

Young I’d draft @ 3 OR trade down if he’s not there HOWEVER, grabbing Okuda with your first pick is seriously tempting.
The Lions need playmakers period and we can’t act like they are so damn good ,that we can just bypass talent. We aren’t refining a team, we are damn near building half of it or “trying” to.

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What? You got that all wrong.

This place is a treasure trove of story ideas that the intended audience is known to be interested in.
They’d be stupid not to.

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My biggest fear is that we stay pat and draft Okudah. Passing on Young and trade down possibilities to do it. Personally I’d probably lose it, take a year off and sell my season tickets too … lol … no I won’t!

Personally if Burrows and Tua go one two. (That’s the only way I see it happening) the lions “should” draft Young

But Young isn’t an MP type.

The draft can’t get here soon enough.


There is 0 chance we pass Chase Young and pick someone else. It won’t happen.

There is a 10% chance we would trade out of the pick if Chase was available and pickup extra picks and either Okudah/Simmons. Still…not likely.

If you really want to jump off a bridge the most lionesque thing that could happen is We trade our 1st and 2nd rounder this year to Washington…to secure Tua. :stuck_out_tongue:

Again…not going to happen.

I fully expect 1 of the following:

  1. Washington sells the #2 for a ransom (Tua) and we are gifted Chase Young
  2. We sell the #3 for a ransom (Tua) and we get Simmons/Okudah and a bunch of goodies. Hopefully SImmons! :slight_smile:
  3. We stay put and draft Okudah/Simmons/Tua. Not ideal…but could be worse.
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I wish I had your confidence but I don’t. We took a TE in the top 10 last year. This is the Lions we’re talking about. I’d say the chances are high they screw this up.

Ask yourself these questions.
How many type A personalities has BQ/MP drafted?
How many type A personalities we’re on the team when MP got here and how many are left?


what did I get wrong? his Simmons, first run in the 40 was 4.3 . some OTHER poster said "he wasn’t athletic enough, not me…then I said I would draft Young @3…not Simmons BUT, IF he was there in the second round-ala our 2nd pick I’d draft him…(Simmons) there.

#3 Chase Young

35 Simmons or Juedy (depending on who is there).

I think cub the thought is neither player will make it out of the top 15. They won’t be there in the 2nd round.

I think this fanbase is in for a big letdown on draft day. I don’t expect any trades until pick 7. Fins and Bolts can hold steady and take 2 of the 3 QB’s associated with Round 1. They don’t need to leap into the top 4. Even if a trade was done, they’re still going to get a QB. I think Miami especially will be content to take what the draft gives them. They have a team to put back together and combining a bunch of picks for a QB when a QB would fall to them anyway doesn’t make good sense.

  1. Burrow
  2. Young
  3. Okudah
  4. OT
  5. QB
  6. QB
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I agree. And I am 100% okay w that pick at 3.

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I completely agree with you. I feel like they let Slay walk, overdraft for Okudah at 3, and no progress is made. That sounds about like Quinns MO


Yeah, but there are multiple QB needy teams. I don’t think Miami would take the chance because they may not get their QB at pick #5. Miami would be kicking themselves in the head if another team(s) leap frog them and drafted their targeted QB.

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Exactly. If Tua nails his pro day then the latest he goes is 3.

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first of all, maybe some poster somewhere said that SImmons wasn’t athletic enough, but I have yet to see it. Consensus with the detractors of Simmons, me included, seems to be that he isn’t very experienced, and hence not very good, at LB. I think 99% are in agreement that he is a freak athlete.

As for Simmons or Jeudy being available at 35, unless one of them gets questioned for murder or rape or something between now and the draft, like that LSU OL a couple years ago, there is zero percent chance either will be available at 35.

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