HIghest paid players at each position

Mike Tannenbaum

Apr 14

Highest avg annual salary at each position: QB- R. Wilson ($35M) RB- McCaffrey ($16M) WR- J. Jones ($22M) TE- H. Henry ($10.6) OL- L. Johnson ($18M) DL- A. Donald ($22.5M) LB- K. Mack ($23.5M) CB- D.Slay ($16.7M) S- E. Jackson ($14.6)

See what a burden elite players are on the payroll? Glad we don’t have that problem!


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Some of those guys are worthy of it. What kills teams is when you have guys paid like 300% more than their production indicates. Guys like Flowers and James. Between the 2 of them, they make like 26 million bucks and give you next to nothing on the field.