Highly encouraging news about officiating

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Then again … “We’ll look into it” is corporate speak for “nobody gives a fuck”.


I’d be shocked if they fixed it, but maybe they partially fix it?


Officials should be fined for blown calls


Full time officials where it is their occupation. These cats don’t give a shit, because they are all corporate lawyers and other occupations. They are there for the front row seats of their favorite teams that they get to support from very close up.

I’ll admit it, I should not be officiating a Lions game. You don’t get to the professional level w/o being a football fan. These guys are fans of teams, and are showing bias in their calls. If they cared about integrity, they could clean it up. They have not shown me anything that makes me believe they have any interest in doing so.

Really hoping this turns into a real thing.


Once the NBA official, Ted Donaghy, did a tell all book writing I never trusted officiating again


And after all these years of the lions getting hosed it only took two bad calls against the Pats to shake things up :joy:


Just like they fixed the Pass Interference rules, so that you can challenge PI, but NEVER win a challenge?


Unless you’re playing the Phins and the game is on the line


There have been very few PI’s called or overturned via replay. Amazingly, one of the only times its happened, it favored the Packers…twice.

Pardon me if this is in the book already. Someone posted an interview with Ted on this board and he swears he never actually “fixed” games. He said his strategy was just to listen to the particular points of emphasis that the league handed down before each game, and he knew just by what those were which teams were going to have an advantage or disadvantage that day…and he could place his bets from there. He said in the playoffs, the points of emphasis he got from the league seemed to always benefit the team down in the series…particular if its a game 6. He also talked about placing bets based on the types of relationships with players that he knew particular refs had.

This is the type of thing I’ve said goes on in the NFL. I don’t believe its a cloak and dagger type thing where they say “screw over the Lions, make sure they lose!” I think there is a swarm of things that all add up to getting the type of officiating that we do. The Browns are in the same boat. This is why I think its important to try to replace Patricia with a coach with a big name who has a good reputation amongst the referees. Sure the biggest names aren’t always the best coaches, but we need to invest in turning this thing around. We will never be part of the favored class of teams, but we can at least attempt to be one of the normal ones in the middle.


If that’s the case wes, do you think the NFL is being sincere with trying to solve the issue, or do I need to become an XFL or NCAA fan to see football?

Oh wait, doesn’t Saskatoon have a CFL team? :thinking:

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The NFL and it’s commissioner do not belong in the same universe that the world ‘sincere’ exists in


I’ve seen a bunch overturned in the past three weeks. You obviously don’t watch much football. Then again you probably watch the entire Lions game just waiting for that shot of Patricia so you can throw something at the TV…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Amen to that. The officiating has gotten much worse since they starting looking closely at it.

The call in the Patriots game was one of the worst I have ever seen. The official was no more than 20 feet away and called a guy out of bounds. When it was replayed the players had a inch or two of green in between his foot and the boundary. The official conferred with the other official along the sideline before calling him out of bounds. The player scored but the Patriots didn’t have any reviews left.

I can see bang bang plays being missed, but this kind of stuff is not tolerable. Either his foot was in, or it was out. Teams should be able to review ANY out of bounds play that resulted in the TD or a first down.

All it took was for the Patriots getting shafted once.
Kind of reminds me of when the the officials were on strike and the replacements screwed Green Bay. All of the sudden, the replacements were a problem.

It was more than once. Many terrible calls in that game. Many.

Almost had me feeling sorry for them…lol, not really.

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Poor choice of words on my part. I should have said, “screwed out of one game”.

I agree. Ironic? Coincidental? or…just plain bullshit?

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Going to do a top down review, call NY office, and pick up flag by telling us everything is in perfect order!!!