Highly encouraging news about officiating

Unless of course you’re the Packers who got a no call turned into a weak-ass offensive pass interference call negating a Minnesota touchdown helping protect a 21 to 16 win by the Packers over the Vikings


They are sincere in making attempts to make it less obvious, yes.:grin:


I’m sure they will look into it the same way they looked into review of pass interference


Exactly why I hate watching and hate the Packers and the league… Wait, they are the league…


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You can’t fine people hardly being paid as part time officials.

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Please research pay for NFL officials. It’s not small.


And overall I thought the replacement officials were doing a better job than the regular officials. With the replacements, suddenly GB was enduring Oline holding calls at the same rate as the rest of the league. When the regular officials came back they dropped back down to one of the least penalized again. You can’t tell me there isn’t a league suggestion to give GB latitude to that effect

TJ Lang said as much on a radio show a couple years ago.


$201,000 by 2019
Hell, I’ll do whatever Vegas wants for that kind of cash!


Not me, while it’s not chump change, you pretty much become public enemy #1. Not to mention, you basically have to give up your fandom of football, and give up sports gambling entirely.

I’m not ready to make that commitment. :slight_smile:


I think its pretty clear by how some refs call the game that they are still fans of certain teams and some of them are still gambling on the games.:face_with_head_bandage:


Accountability…What a concept.



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I think the solution lies in removing the power from the team on the field and moving it to a team in the booth/New York - The guys with replay quickly and readily available.

It’s the job of the guys on the field to throw the flags. The guys upstairs can ultimately overrule ANY decision made on the field.

Additionally, with this shift in power the lead ref on the field no longer needs to waddle his 70 year old ass on over to the sideline to look at a little Surface Pro. The guys upstairs can quickly and easily message down to him to let him know the deal.

90% of everything still works as it does today. Replay goes to the guys in the booth/New York. Messages are quickly relayed down to the field to save time in replay but ensure calls are as accurate as can be.

There’s more to iron out, but I think the solution needs to involve stripping the ref on the field from having the ultimate authority and, instead, shifting that to a team in the booth that can quickly assess the situation and provide the team on the field with the call.

Bad Illegal hands to the face call? (Ref receives a page from above indicating there should be no foul) - The flag is picked up. Next play.

Pass interference challenged? The ref on the field quickly receives feedback from the booth and is told Yes - it is PI or No - it is not. He is quickly provided with ball placement, clock, down and distance. He doesn’t even need to waddle on over to the sideline. So much time saved and accurate calls made quickly and efficiently.

The accountability will shift from the guys on the field to the booth/New York.

If they start getting the calls wrong…well, I’m not sure there is a solution.

Strip the power from the refs on the field and move the ultimate authority upstairs where replay is quickly and readily available. The guys on the field still work in the same capacity, until it’s time for any sort of review. That is handled upstairs and relayed to the field team.


For replays the power has already shifted to New York. The 70 year old waddling over to the sidelines is mainly just a show. What’s interesting is the reason NY is not overturning PI calls…besides being out of spite…is they don’t want to take the power away from the officials on the field.

Your view of things is spot on 100% right in my book. The issue is in how its implemented, and how ego’s get into the way.


Great post dude!


If they were unbiased in their enforcement, this could be amazing.
Nice post. My biggest wish for the NFL would be fair, unbiased officiating. I can see where the NFL could take this, and actually make things worse too. No-calls would be the next thing to address/clean up.

Maybe have one guy watching from each camera (like 20 guys/ video surveillance team?)

I’m having flashbacks of the PI call that wasn’t called against GB, where our dude was put in a rear naked choke, before the ball got there. They could make it immediate. Only time I see issues, is when they are officiating teams that are in hurry-up, no huddle offense. Gotta be that fast. I do think it could be done.

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Great post by radiofriendly. To add when Pereira comes on to explain, what we all already know, the whats and hows of a play. Its slowed to a frame by frame crawl where announcers will say, “See, the ball is away from the body, riiiggght…THERE!” or “See, the end of the ball touches the ground before he goes out of bounds.”

Run the damn thing at game speed and judge it by that. After all, its a game, not rocket science.

They will fix it alright!

The fix is in …

Time to make sure every official knows just how to fix the games. To many close games didn’t go as planned.