Hiring from within

Just looking over the coaches roster, I’m guessing Hank Fraley moves into OL coach position and Gregory moves into DB coach. Perhaps even the lone holdout from the strength and conditioning staff will assume leadership there. So, as much as of a purge as this feels like, it’s quite possibly less dramatic than assumed.

Wasn’t the strength and conditioning dept a priority for Quinn when he was hired? If I remember correctly they fired the chief strength coach and spent millions on new equipment.


Yes and yes. Then they hired patriot rejects. Maybe they need that pyramid-scheme guy that Brady is affiliated with to come here and setup a TB12 facility across the street from the facility in Allen Park.


LOL. Or…we could pull rank and get some Parcells input (dude who trained BB). That’s gotta piss some folks off. :wink:

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Al Groh LOL

Hard to condition injured players… the kind Quinn picked up in FA.
Martha and Rod may not have a clue, but, it’s pretty obvious to the non-fool what’s going on.

This is a list of ten potential hires - shchyyyiiiit. We cold hire them all. We have more vacancies than that. LOL.

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That list has names on there that would actually be good to have. Makes you realize that aside from the pain of 3-12-1, there really is a lot of talent out there awaiting opportunity.

Good gawd, I hope you are right, brother!

Rod Marinelli at his last press conference was asked what he wished he could do over or what he would advise a new coach and it was “don’t hurry through hiring your coaches”. If he could have done something different, he would have taken his time to put together his coaching staff.

Patricia is getting a do-over. He accepted numerous coaches from the previous regime, brought in a number of his own and then replaced one last year. At this point, his hand has been forced. He can’t take a patient approach that Marinelli had. Patricia better saddle up with some guys that share his vision or it’s over. If he’s uncertain about a coach, change him out. That’s what’s happening.

I’d bet that they already have more than 50% of these jobs filled unofficially.