Hockenson is the mitchell tribusky of tight ends?

I feel quite good about Oruwariye. He’s going to be really good, really soon. He was quite good in college, has the measurable and the intangibles. Was just one of those cases of NFL GMs outsmarting themselves.

You should realize when I say 3rd round talent at best, that I’m also implying some of the best TEs in the league were taken in the 3rd round. And ALL of the good TEs in the league were taken MUCH lower than TJH. It will always be a severe reach

The Lions do have a lot of young talent. If they could get pressure the whole D would smell much better.

People keep talking about adding a DE, and I think they mean a 4-3 type pass rusher opposite Flowers, or using Flowers on the strong side. I think if we’re looking for a serious pass rusher it’s going to be an OLB. I think Chase Young can do that. But the idea that we’re looking for a bookend to pair with Flowers is wrong in this scheme. If you move up for Young, I think you change the scheme to do whatever fits him best, and if that means moving to a 4-3 base then you do it.

Ya, no you never implied that. Can’t read your mind and frankly based off the things you say openly, I want no part of reading your internal thoughts. You simply said he was a 3rd rd talent at best…so sure okay…disregard the professionals and their opinions on his talent. I’m willing to eat crow on this and the MP regime. When hock turns out to be what he hope he is you better believe I’m going to be looking at your and reminding you of these conversations. I am also confident you will do the same if I am wrong…but here is the thing…you are not a scout. Neither am I so I could easily be wrong. Where we are different is I value expert opinions and don’t think my intellect or insights rival experts in any field except my own field. You on the other hand apparently believe your opinion rivals experts…good luck…


Every team thinks they have young talent. The ones that have young talent that actually make plays on the field, are the ones who are correct. Our young talent is mainly just bodies. Not 1 difference maker. Not 1 with elite type potential.

You don’t need a lot of elite types, one or two. What did Mack do today other than occupy blockers? I saw Hock matched up one on with him a couple of times and took him out. I think we do need difference makers, but I think getting the whole supporting cast is actually the hard part. And I think they’re doing that. Need a freak passer rusher most of all.


Your right. TJ literally is an elite talent with elite potential…:man_facepalming:t2:

How many rooks started today on D, like 5? Maybe not that many… but loads of snaps all around.

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And the defense was terrible

That’s exactly what we want them to think! Sneak up on em in 2020.


Holy shit, which way is his knee?

Same thing we’ve needed for the last 4 or so years!

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Same thing we’ve needed…and still don’t address!

Because we dont have a GM or coach with a clue. Sometimes certain people are so close to the situation that they cant see what’s right there.

They think our defensive line is really good, but don’t realize they see them when practicing against scrubs like Decker and Wagner.