Hockenson to IR

Time for Jesse James to put up some meaningless numbers, so everyone can tell us what a great signing he was.


Can’t say as I’m surprised after seeing that ankle injury picture. So, Isaac Nauta, whadya got, bro?


He’s one of the starters I would have preferred to have played every snap possible the rest of the year. Still look forward to seeing him drastically improve his production next year. It will be much needed as James is of no use, it seems.

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Tight ends struggle their rookie year, but an interesting note is that even those that barely played or missed time still showed huge improvement in their second season.


Almost seems like a lot of that isn’t physical. More about homework and learning, which TJH can do even while nursing his injury.

Hock hasn’t been right since he landed on his head. Maybe that’s why they only tossed him 5-10 yard passes when his real strength in college was catching 15-20 yard passes. The QB’s have also been ridiculously inaccurate going to him for some odd reason. That said he needs to get stronger this off-season.

I think he is a terrific talent and will have a great career.

By “everyone” you mean exactly who?

I’ve been here as much as you have the past year and I can’t think of a single person who bragged on this signing. The general consensus was confusion. He was paid less than a Free Agent “Starter” should receive but more than a backup should. So now you think people are going to come to Quinn’s defense to reveal the wisdom behind the signing? It was overpaying a backup just like it was overpaying Daniels. Who will deny that?


It was a “meh” signing. A bit more of a known “name” compared to the multiple “never heard of them” TEs who got about the same amount of money. James potentially was going to be better than what they had in 2018, but quite frankly, he’s not even at Darren Fells level.

Saw that coming.

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Exactly. A “meh” signing or even a “why would you spend this much on him” signing.

Correct. Aaron Rodgers called TE the second hardest position on the field to learn.

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Any update on the extent of injury?

While I believe Hock can be a great TE the draft pick was stupid. BQ clearly showed he was in over his head by drafting a TE in the top 10. This same mistake cost Mayhew his job and ultimately it should cost BQ his. Just a terrible draft choice. You just don’t take TE’s that early.


This one escapes me. I’d ask J. James…

Jesse James was one free agent signing I was stoked for, they haven’t even tried to utilize his ability… Especially as a red zone target… Logan Thomas has gotten more looks for whatever reason…