Hockenson's 5th year option takes a big hit with the proposed new CBA

Hockenson’s 5th year option takes a big hit with the proposed new CBA …

Unless Hockenson makes the Pro Bowl in 2020 or 2021 he will make the Avg of what the 3rd through the 25th highest paid players at his position makes …in 2020 that number would be roughly $6 Million a hell of a lot cheaper than the 5th year option # in 2020 for a TE drafted top 10 which would be about $9.2 Million on the 5th year option …

This new CBA will also greatly effect how a team can draft a QB top 10 sit him and not play him early in his career . The Lions could draft Herbert and not play him his first 2 years guaranteeing the team could use the 5th year option and a salary that would be in 2020 anyway roughly $6 to $7 Million dollars cheaper than what the current 5th year salary would have been under the old CBA .


You see? Quinn knee this would happen. He was like, “How do I save the Lions an enormous cap number? Draft a TE baby! We’ll be swimming in the Moolah!”

Reminds me of my wife. She tells me how much money she saved every time she goes shopping. Been married 40 years so we should have a couple extra million somewhere.


Yep that is some serious mind fucking that takes place …Some genius somewhere that does not nearly get the credit they deserve came up with the idea to have a cashier say a scripted… "Congratulations you saved $$$$ amount of money today " The receipt in tiny print shows what you spent and were charged or paid at the register and in big bold font and text it reads ( YOU SAVED this much $$$$ today)

Hahahahah everyone wins ! People are just dumb.