Hockey historymade! - freaking awsome!

Zamboni driver used for pro game as 3rd goalie back-up and the freaking won the game with him!!


I know its not NFL but dam! its like the waterboy playing CB and covering like an all-pro!

probably will never happen again!!

opposing crowd gave the visiting team’s back-up goalie a standing ovation with class!

So if they win the Cup, does this guy get a ring as well?! that would be the shit in my book!!

You’re right. It will never happen again because the league will put in a rule, where the emergency backups have to pass a certain criteria. While most think it’s a great story, it really is a major black eye for the league. A 42 year old, Toronto Maple Leafs employee suiting up for the opposing team is an absolute embarrassment for the league.

Most embarrassing loss maybe in Leafs history and a disgrace to the NHL.

I don’t see it that way Iggy.

It’s a cool story and that is what makes sports so great.


Thats great you don’t see it that way… the league does and there will be changes.

I’m curious if he gets paid for it and how much?

He signed an amateur tryout contract so he got paid nothing. Usually there is another contract they sign that pays them $500

most disappointing post you’ve ever wrote; shame on you brother…


heres the 3rd period summary play! great fucking watch!!

That it’s an embarrassment to the league? It is a huge embarrassment… that’s why there will be changes.

why take from this guy’s performance… maybe, just maybe, this is the one guy who could do this… maybe the next time it happens, the emergency goalie gives up 10 goals in two periods. lol = he may have a heart attack…

you need to really focus internally on what’s so dark in you brother. You have no good reason to slam this story other than you wish it was you doing it.

This was a historic thing. yes, the Mapleleafs blew it. that’s the yin to the yang. someone had to loose. its not a black eye - it freaking awesome!

That’s a pretty cool story. My buddy txted me “Pat, a zamboni drive has half as many wins as Jimmy Howard” now THAT’S embarrassing.

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No… the emergency backup next time won’t let in 10 goals because the league is making changes. They’re embarrassed by having an emergency backup of that caliber come into the game. What part of this are you not understanding?

There is no “darkness” inside of me. I am a hockey fan and am thinking the EXACT same way that the league is. It’s an embarrassment. This is the highest level of hockey and you can find 100 guys in the Greater Toronto Area better than David Ayers.

This is a former NHL executive echoing the exact same thing that I am…damn look at that darkness inside of him:

to the other posters and mods. i’m done with iggy on this. my apologies for being an ass but ……

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ill only comment to positive posts on this.

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There’s an off topic part of this board for a reason. You can have your circle jerk about Rudy over there.

There’s more good to this story.

“They’re flying me down to Carolina for their game on Tuesday, so I’ll get to spend more time with the guys, which is good,” Ayres said in Toronto on Sunday at the Maple Leafs’ practice facility. “They’re a great team, great organization.”

Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin also announced that Tuesday will be “David Ayres Day” in the city.

The Hurricanes started selling shirts with Ayres’ name and No. 90 after Saturday’s game. The team said Ayres will get royalties and that a portion of the proceeds will go to a kidney foundation in honor of the goaltender, who underwent a kidney transplant in 2004.

That’s very cool of them. I hope they sell a bunch of them.


There are some people in life who take lemons and make lemonade…then there are people like iggy, who take lemons and make an e.coli farm. Kudos to the guy for being able to live out a life long dream for many people out there.


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I say …,. Let it ride it’s a cool story.

Lions fans could use a feel good story.