Hockey historymade! - freaking awsome!

There are some people who understand how pro sports works- iggy… then there are people who dont- everyone else participating in this thread so far. It’s funny that the league itself thinks just like I do LOL.

Oh lighten up.

Usually the home team is supposed to have a younger, better goalie on call, but this happens so rarely that the Leafs must have been lax. But to say it’s a huge black eye is over the top. It’s embarrassing for the Leafs not to fill the net on him, but I think you’re overreacting.


There are times that I know that if I say black my wife will say white, and I pass because I don’t need where that goes if you reply. I swear I have never seen a poster so intent on disagreeing with everything posted, on ANY subject. It’s pathological. really.


You know, everything you say could very well be true regarding how the league looks at this, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a cool story for the guy.

Who the hell flagged @Abject’s original post? Pathetic.

Wasn’t me but I figured since we were all in the feel good mood (except iggy) that I’d drop this and grab some popcorn.

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You have more class then to flag that Air.

And that is funny stuff.


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This story made me think of the Chicago guy from 2018. He made saves on all seven shots he faced.

Good stuff

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I thought hockenson injured playing hockey

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iggy’s right, the league was so embarrassed by Scott Foster playing that they changed the rules. Oh wait…

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So you’re saying there’s a chance…

Damn Iggy, do you regret orgasms! You have the amazing capacity to shit on every good feeling in life. Do you have any relationships that last beyond “Hello my name is Iggy”?


Actually no. Teams don’t usually have younger better goalies on call. Ayers has been the E-BUG for half of the games the last 2 seasons… and that’s exactly the problem is that teams for whatever reason do not provide better options. But the league is making amends.

Nice to see you back posting, Lyingfan. At least don’t be a coward. Use your real handle.

7 of your last 15 posts are responding to me. This is my first time every replying to you. Get help.

Coward? Oh is that what I am? I’ll take coward over full tilt asshole all day long.

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Ah, dude you need the help, not me. Iggy chit :wink:

8/16 now. Borderline stalkerish.

LOL, in the words of a previous Lions coach, “What’s it take to get fired around here?”.

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Well, here’s a history of the emergency goalie, and teams usually have guys that have played at least at the US collegiate level or higher, the occasional rec player has gotten in. Again, getting your panties all twisted about this is amusing. It happens very infrequently. I think it’s actually better the way it is. More entertaining. People take sports way too seriously period. If it messes with “bettors” all the better if you ask me.