Hey @iggy14 – how long before LA trades Jonathan Quick?

Also, a hearty LOL to the Sharks for grabbing Marleau for their first line.

Laine is fucking back.

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Well damn, Patty.

I wish Big Buff was. He’s killing their Cup chances, and I thought they’d have a solid chance again this year.

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Hard to say, if Buff does retire we could use the cap on a trade and sign deal elsewhere.

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Who knows on Quick. He still has quite a bit of term left. He will probably go to Colorado.

Leafs got absolutely worked tonight by Tampa. As high as I am on the Leafs it is tough sledding having Tampa and Boston in the division. I’m not sure Leafs can beat Boston in a series… they haven’t taken a step back.

First coach fired will probably be NJ coach. They are impossible to watch.

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Winnipeg had their chance a couple of years ago. Their window is closed IMO. Not much youth coming down the pipe, either. They have nothing on defense and fraudulent goaltending.

Buff won’t be able to play this year. He has not skated or trained all off season LOL. He will be well over 300 pounds.

Not much youth coming down the pipe? Lol you are smoking the pipe apparently. We have one of the youngest lineups in the NHL.

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Adrian, you watching this Cotton Bowl game? Fun and loud.

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Shut the fuck up Syd.

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I just hopped into the 3rd earlier. I wish it was on earlier!

But you weren’t wrong.

Not up to snuff on the NHL, but why isn’t he in Grand Rapids?

I think they’re just waiting for him to finish his year in juniors, and bring him up next season.

US shut out in quarters 1-0 by Finland . Very bad result for the talent they had. Finland beat them in the gold medal game last year too.


Holy Shit. And I though Lindsey’s was a road map.

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That’s pretty great.

Also pretty great: San Jose being the first team to lose after netting the empty net goal at the end of a game.

I wish they were doing a little better, we have no real rivals this year.