HOFers and Ken Anderson

name Win loss % yds td/int rate y/g Playoff (SB record)
Anderson 91-81 59.3 32838 197-160 81.9 171 2-4 (0-1)
Bradshaw 107-51 51.9 27989 212-210 70.9 167 14-5 (4-0)
Griese 92-56-3 56.2 25092 192-172 77.1 156 6-5 (2-1)
Namath 62-63-4 50.1 27663 173-220 65.5 198 2-1 (1-0)
Stabler 96-49-1 59.8 27938 194-222 75.3 152 7-5 (1-0)
Dawson 94-57-8 57.1 28711 239-183 82.6 136 5-3 (1-1)
Staubach 82-29 57.1 22700 153-109 83.4 173 11-6 (2-2)
Tarkenton 124-109-6 57.1 47003 342-266 80,4 191 6-5 (0-3)

Here are the HOF QBs from the 70s along with Ken Anderson.


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I’ve brought up his name many times here. The guy does not get the recognition he deserves for the career he had. He totally should be in the HOF.
As a kid I always thought he was among the best in the league
Never looked at comparatives
I knew Bradshaw was over rated but man, he’s milked more out of mediocrity than anyone I can think of! I enjoy him on Fox though.

I didn’t think so. He played in a totally different era when QBs could get hit 5 seconds after they threw the ball. Hits to the head were common and acceptable. The goal of many defenses was to KNOCK them out of the game literally. He was a big kid and a 1st round pick. Obviously the defense helped him greatly. His numbers and rating were poor by today’s standards but all he did was win. his numbers compared to these guys look great. I was a huge Steeler fan back then.

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The list above would say he was mediocre

you can do wonders with a great supporting cast on off. & def when you are only fair to good at qb—can you imagine what stafford could have done with the same cast around him as the steelers had—i think we may have had a couple of SB under our belt----think what if we had the same off and def of the 91 lion’s with a couple of changes—wow

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Ken Anderson should be in the whole of game. Switching up sports but always felt Lou Whitaker should be in as well and I’m not even a Tigers fan

I was always surprised Namath made the hall. Outside of one magical year, he was just a cut above average. As an example, the Lions Greg Landry reads as:

44-51-3 55.5% 16052 98-103 72.9% 72.9 109.9 0-1(0-0)

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Namath played in New York and won the biggest football game of all time after he guaranteed a win. That is his resume. Just going by stats, he isn’t even remotely close to anyone on that list. There were also guys that didn’t make the HOF during that period that had better numbers.

Had Anderson won the SB against the 49ers, I bet he would have been in the HOF. Tarkenton is the only guy on the list that didn’t win the SB. But he was so far ahead of everyone in TDs and yards (as well as making it to 3 SBs).