Holmes the next Ozzie? Some hope

Saw, looks hopeful…who knows?

David Spade Idk GIF by CTV Comedy Channel


Here’s what I love about him. I love his scouting experience and how he views prospects. His idea about having the combine before the season is mind blowing in its own right and I couldn’t agree more with his viewpoint.

Here’s what I question about him. Does he have enough involvement on the pro personnel side of things to be effective in free agency without a steep learning curve? Can he be an effective team architect given his narrow scope?

Here’s what I fear about him. With a learning curve as a first time GM, what happens if you pair him with a rookie coach also facing a learning curve that may not be communicating or identifying team needs effectively? That could be a disaster. I think if he’s the guy, you have to hire a Marvin Lewis type head coach who can mitigate that.