Home remedy for swelling?

I’ve never used one, but they made foot sleeves of varying sizes that are supposed to help with the cold. I’ve seen some sleeves that just go over the toes and part way up the foot. I’ve thought about getting one of those because my toes are the biggest damn problem when it comes to dealing with the cold.

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I wonder if there’s any biology to this.

I think there is biology that should be considered. Except I don’t think it has to do with cold therapy. Why? Because the majority of our evolution as a species took place when access to ice was non-existent. Even when some humans migrated north, they would only have access to snow or ice part of the year in most cases.

As it happens, I think you jinxed me Adrian (kidding) because on Sunday morning I went for a run and sprained my ankle badly. Must have hit a stone and turned it. I’ve had many ankle sprains over the years, but this one really hurt and I thought I might have broken something, or completely torn some ligaments. But when doing research on how to heal this sprain the fastest, I came across an article in which the original doctor who came up with the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) protocol now says he doesn’t think it’s like that ice does anything to speed healing, or for reducing inflammation for that matter. And, here’s the kicker, he says he thinks EXERCISE of the joint might help healing faster.

Shortly after the injury:

24 hours later:

My take: This makes sense in terms of evolutionary biology, since those who are ambulatory the fastest would have had a better chance of surviving from attacks by animals and other humans. So our evolutionary heritage works in our favor when we try to use the joint rather than completely rest it. It’ll get rest while you sleep, of course. So I started gently walking on it, like a mummy with the bum foot behind and the good one leading. Also, I gently rotated the joint while it was elevated.

I also saw that anti-inflammatories like naproxen help reduce inflammation quickly. So I took an Uber into town and got some. I did use some ice. The protocol I used was ice, elevation, rest (while sleeping), naproxen and EXERCISE. Gently putting weight on it at first, then walking a bit. Then walking a lot this morning, less than two days after the sprain!

This morning, less than 48 hours after the injury, I just walked a kilometer to buy a bag of coffee. I already have about 75% walking function back. Below is what it looks like, still bruised and swollen, but I’m walking quite well, after what I thought would be a 2 week recovery at minimum.

This morning:

What my normal feet look like: yes, flat as a pancake.

The takeaway is, at least for my ankles, is that if you’re about to go on vacation, or to an event you don’t want to miss, and you want to get walking semi-normal ASAP, you may want to try my approach.

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I’ve had too many sprains in my life to go with “science” that says to avoid ice…or that it isn’t effective.

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I’m not sure how much it helped. I’m just shocked that I’ve healed up this quickly when my foot was like a nerf football just 24 hours ago. Like I said, the doc who came up with RICE says there’s no evidence ice helps healing per se, it may reduce pain. I think the naproxen/exercise combo is what worked, but I did ice it at first and then twice afterwards. So it will definitely be part of my protocol going forward. Because I’m not going to stop running and hiking until I’m dead.

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Ice is about swelling and inflammation. Its most effective at the front end of the injury.

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It probably helps right after the injury. That’s when I used it. But, as the doctor advised, I disregarded the “stay off it” advice and found (possibly in conjunction with the naproxen) that got me walking fast. It was slow going at first, but here I am two days later fully ambulatory. It makes sense to me. We didn’t lay down and wait for it to heal down the millennia. We had to get up and get moving or possibly perish. I think our bodies are made to heal quicker than we think.

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Really, I waded in Lake superior in April. The ice was barely 15 feet off shore. Water temperature was under 40°F. It freaking hurt. Stayed in for fifteen minutes. After the stinging stopped, it wasn’t too bad. It physically hurt.

Again, I’m not sure about cold therapy as a healing mechanism, but I’m interested in pushing the body beyond it’s limits. This guy is very interesting. I’ll be using his breathing technique in the coming days as an experiment. I’m way too south for being able to test it in the cold. Maybe I’ll walk around in my shorts back home at Christmas. I’m sure my family’s neighbors will love it.

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I talked about this in another thread at one point That my last sprained ankle was a three years ago after trying to jump a creek on the 1st green at the Grand Valley State University Golf Course. Completely turned it under came down like a sack of potatoes on my shoulder and I thought for sure I’d broken it or my shoulder or both. I’ve had uncountable numbers of grade 1 sprains on both ankles and at least 3 grade twos on each and a grade 3 a couple of times.

Funny thing is I got up started walking on it a little bit and then went to putt out, walk the next couple of holes and it was pretty much just fine. Shot an 85, which for me is a few Strokes better-than-average. So I can see where immediate exercise may just promote enough blood flow through there to get the healing going


You shot an 85 at the meadows? Nice!! Love that course, I only play it in the spring before the long grass comes in causing me to lose a couple sleeves

The long grass there sucks…I only play shoulder season too for same reasons. It was the last year I could get off the tee deep, lost my distance past 2 years, swing is way too steep, can’t feel it to change it.

Well, I tell ya what, it’s not all about distance. I’ve definitely made more of an effort to improve my irons and putting than hitting it 300 off the tee. Took my first lessons this year after “playing” golf for the last 10…what a difference it makes when you understand how swinging is “supposed” to feel. I catch myself going back to what I corrected and I know immediately when I swing wrong… It’s frustrating trying to work out your swing when the problem doesn’t feel wrong.

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I’m still swollen. Might be a fun visit to the ER the day before my birthday.

Did you try naproxen or something similar? Should help with the swelling. But if you’ve got real pain, you should have that looked at!

-Dr. Red

Chris Rick’s daddy said to use some robitussin. Pour it all over the ankle and let that tussin get down to the bone


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If your ankle is still swollen you either tried to do too much on it or you’ve got a bigger issue that needs medical attention.

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I’ve been walking on it pretty regularly. I should have shut it down.

I’ve been taking naproxen to no avail.

If it’s been swollen for this long, in all likelihood there’s a fracture… Is there a particular spot that hurts more than others? I remember back in my reckless years, I had gotten into a fight and was punched right in the eye… it was swollen for like 2 1/2 weeks. A year later, after another fight (against the same guy) I needed a CT scan and they came back saying I had broke my nose about a year ago… That explained the prolonged swelling. Long story short, don’t drink with guys you don’t like :joy:

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Yeah, I think I’ll be going into the ER for my birthday tomorrow. Yayyyyy … :roll_eyes:

It’s definitely hurting in specific places more than others, but part of me wonders if that’s because I’ve been leaning hard on certain points of my foot to avoid pain while limping.