Hope you guys didn't plan on coming out for the draft

Say goodbye to the first round Bellagio fountain extravaganza.

This is an internal memo, BTW.

Glad I didn’t…I almost booked last week.

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The offers they started to roll out were definitely tempting.

But several hundred people were laid off today with many more coming Monday, including entire housekeeping departments.

Can fly to Vegas round trip and 3 nights hotel this week for $71. That’s unreal value

The Wynn will be shut down Monday. Bellagio probably Wednesday. They are slowly shutting everything down. People acting like Vegas won’t rebound from this LOL.



His ass…

They are shutting down buffets and nightclubs though. Agree that it’s going to be a tough month for everyone.

Just from multiple people on Twitter/ a sports betting forum I post at. The one guy lives in Vegas and is well connected. We will see.

I’m still tentatively planning on going, playing it by ear