How about drafting Simmons 3 rd overall

Not much risk and a hole to fill

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Yeah. I’m warming up to this. It’d be my 3rd choice.
Trade down
Settle for Simmons

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Have we acquired a LB that was a 250+ lb bruiser designed to take on blockers since Patricia got here? I like Simmons as a prospect, just not sure what role he plays here.

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Assuming Miami has some kind of trade down package for 5 then you make the trade down because you’ll either still get Simmons or okuda at 5, even if you get a crappy return beyond that you’re still ahead getting the same guy or equivalent

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Okudah is so much safer than Simmons IMO. That would be the route I’d go at 5. Both have very high ceilings but Okudah’s floor is much higher IMO.

And this is a crap reason and all but the majority of my life we’ve been bad on the OL and in the secondary. We’ve gotten better in the secondary recently but I don’t think we’ve ever had a group with as much promise as Okudah, Trufant, AO, Coleman, Harmon, Walker, Harris. That should be a really good NFL secondary.


Well I have not been in the boards to much the last couple of days. You guys know here Okudah has been my man. Welllll I have been studying game film, stats etc etc on Simmons.

And I have to say, I have warmed up to taking Simmons at 3 or with a TD to 5 only and taking Simmons there. I have saved alot of interesting things concerning him. 1 in which I want to share.

In the chart below, it shows where his snap count was in each position. Circled in red is his pass coverage grade. Unbelievable and avg yards per catch? Unreal! And he played CB more than any other position.

The only weakness I am seeing is his ability to get off blocks. But if he has you in his sights in open field, or your QB is moving, he is like someone has shot him out of a cannon.

I sure am reconsidering this 3rd pick.

I could live with it if they can use him properly!

Instant impact player and a guy the offense has to be aware of!

There could be worse picks at 3 but would prefer a trade down

I have debated this ad nauseam.

This is a last resort. Love the player…hate the value @ 3.

This is going to be a crazy top of the draft. First 3 may even go QB/QB/QB.

Give me Simmons or Okudah with a trade down.

I like the prospect, I’m not going to take him at 3. At the end of the day, to me, he’s a big, fast safety. I don’t believe in taking a player and changing what he is/does well. He struggles near the LOS with read/react and stacking/shedding blocks. His value is his ability to cover a slot WR/RB/TE and spy QBs and he’s got some blitzing ability. So, I’m playing him as an in the box safety in the NFL. If we were able to trade back, I’d take him around the 8-10 range and be happy with that.

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Same here. Folks say he can play safety and/or LB. Well guess what? Our current roster is chock full of mediocre safeties and terrible LBs. Definitely fills needs and is a freak athlete. Something this team has none of currently.

I think Young is the pic if he’s there. I also think that if he isn’t available then the next best pick for the Lions would be Okudah, according to many he’s as good at CB as Simmons or anyone else is at theirs and the Lions need a good CB more than they need another good LB. If the Lions trade down again and Okudah is gone but Simmons is still there, then fine. If all three are gone (Young, Okudah, and Simmons) then I go for the best DT I can get, Brown or Kinlaw.

Another good LB? Davis and Tavai are kinda trash. Our LB corps is one of, if not the worst in the NFL.

I think it’s much easier to get a good CB later in the draft or during cuts or via trade, than it is to get a really good LB.

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There’s a good CB still in the market with money to use. Then you can draft Simmons. I really want a trade down with LAC. I want next year’s 1st cause think they will be bad next year. I don’t think Simmons or anyone not named young is worth the 3rd overall pick this year.

Jason Cabinda! Which shows the level of interest we have in starting a sub 240lb LB anywhere. JRM couldn’t see the field until our entire LB corps were walking with a limp.

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I’d go:

Settle for Young
Trade down and consider Okudah.

I don’t think Simmons makes it past 4 so I don’t see a likely trade down and get Simmons scenario.