How about those punched out football TOs?

This is why I’ve been saying these teams are playing sloppy games against the Lion because the Lions are causing it.
Our defense is creating many of the mistakes opposing offenses are making, even when it’s not as obvious as the punches.


Exactly… Media says chargers eagles and chiefs have off days and are missing certain guys…

Well gee, Lions are missing key guys and have from the start. And this is such an unusual trend that otherwise respectable or great teams have an off day against a particular team! Maybe it’s because we are forcing!

Couple things to clean up yet and look out!


It’s time for adjustments to be made by coaches. The refs have definitively changed how they approach calling a play dead. So in my opinion coaches have to teach the players to not assume the play is over and if you have to knock a dudes block off then so be it. Because of the refs recent adjustment I disagree Golladay would’ve received an unnecessary roughness penalty in that specific situation.

The one play the guy caught it on the ground short of the first down I was screaming to jump on him before he got up to keep him short! He get up and lunges for the first the gets the ball punched out… Perfect setup! Love it. I would love the gif!!!

Who were the 2 players? Coleman and Watkins again?

He just got in position with his fist clenched and waited.
We’ll probably never see that happen like that again.

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One thing that could help is if the refs could use a hand signal to alert players the play is still live. Like raising a closed fist like they do for fourth down. So the ref sees a turnover and raises his fist to signal live ball. At least there’s a chance for players who see it to react. As it stands, there’s nothing.

Or better, how about the ref who sees the turnover and and wants to signal live ball blows a series of short whistles to alert the players.