How come no talk about Davon Hamilton DT Ohio State?

He had 6 sacks last season and has a nice combination of size, strength, and speed.

He’s 6’4"-320lbs and tied for 4th at the combine with 33 reps and ran a 5.14 forty.


I took him in my mock in the 4th for the Lions. He might be gone by then, but I’d be thrilled to add him late in the 3rd or 4th if he’s there.

32% of his tackles were for a loss. Interesting stat for sure. He’s a guy that I believe could rotate with Shelton.

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We’ve talked about him plenty. Rumors seem to suggest he’s moved into early to mid day 2 discussion

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I picked him in the 5th for my mock I think he can be a rotational DL.

Yeah, word is the NFL loves him, I see him consistently mocked before I would feel comfortable taking him now. He was a great sleeper when he was a bargain, now, not so much.

Well, football is a physical game…and I want guys that are more physical than the next guy. Davon Hamilton is one of those guys IMO, it’s no surprise he’s moving-up the draft boards.

More of a run stuffer than a disruptive interior pass rusher IMO. Run stuffers are plentiful. Interior pass rushers are not.

So is Derrick Brown.

Agree! I’ve never been interested in Derrick Brown.
These are the only elite players I would pick in the top 10.

  1. DE
  2. QB
  3. LT
  4. WR

/21/20: Hamilton was a dangerous interior pass-rusher as a senior in 2019, recording 28 tackle with six sacks. Over the previous three seasons, he had one sack and 38 tackles as a rotational backup. Ohio State was so loaded on the defensive line, it took time for Hamilton to earn playing time with a lot of older talent above him. He earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl and had respectable week of practice there

Right, that’s exactly why he’s moving up… it turns out he’s more than just a run-stuffer.

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Here’s the thing on Hamilton. OSU’s two CB’s are first round picks, their DE is the #2-3 pick in the draft. How many players will OSU have go in the first round of this draft?..3,4, 5?
So it’s hard to evaluate someone like Hamilton when OSU is just dominating guys all over the field.
I think Hamilton adds to this domination but he’s obviously benefiting from the guys around him too.
I don’t see him as some elite interior pass-rusher but I don’t see him as just a run-stuffer either.

And that’s one of the reasons I’m skeptical of him. Also, where was he the rest of his career? Why didn’t he start until his final season? Is it a little like a ‘contract year’ in the NFL, where he puts forth the effort because he knows he needs to for a pay day? I don’t know, but it’s a little disconcerting.

I guess you missed the part about him not start earlier because Ohio St was so loaded on the Dline.

2018’s starters along the interior were Robert Landers, who is expected to go undrafted this year, and Dre’Mont Jones, who went in the 3rd round of the 2019 draft. Both of them were younger than Hamilton, and yet he sat behind both, which is strange for a guy who’s now allegedly a 2-3rd rounder.

I really like his 2019 tape don’t get me wrong, and it could be that he just took awhile to mature, who knows. It’s just something I don’t think can be overlooked. What if he takes until his 5th year to get going in the NFL too? He might not even be with his original team by that point.

Davon Hamilton would be a nice piece …like Hubbard was he is underrated . The scheme limited Hamilton and his reps .

I like Hamilton a lot actually and being taught by Larry Johnson means he is a player that can step in day one and play . A DT this year in particular with the little amount of practice time I expect rookies will get , will be a bonus. He is a high floor player that will come with value and potential to far out play his draft position.

I am shocked that a guy who likes every Ohio State prospect likes him. Totally shocked lol. (I’m just giving you the business).

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I like him a lot but I know his value …the measurable’s are going to push him up boards and I don’t think he warrants that. He is run stuffer with upside he really could not show that when teams were being blown out . Value on him is mid third round I could see him being taken in the late second …I don’t want him in any part of the second not even at our 3rd

You and I agree here. I liked him early in the process and thought he had a ceiling of around the mid-third, but hoped we might be able to snag him in the 4th (that’s where he was going at the time). Now he’s too expensive for my taste.

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Funny thing about OSU DT’s. Most of them haven’t done much in the NFL. Their DE’s always translate well but most of their DT’s don’t. Micheal Bennett was the last good one I can think of.