How did Aaron Rogers react to drafting QB?

He started drinking tequila.:rofl:

I imagine he reacted like any infant would, when late for the five pm feeding.


Tequila? I picture Erin drinking Moscato.

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I heard him on the radio the other day and he was talking about how he felt slighted and how he expected to be playing elsewhere.

He compared his situation to that of Farves and he made some great points.

Farve had threatened retirement for years before they drafted Rogers.
GB went 10-6 the year they drafted AR. Last year they. Won 13 games and went to the NFC championship game.

I think this is an obvious strain on his relationship with the organization.

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God damn i hate Erin. I just can’t stand that smug face.

Knowing how this guy is wired he will probably go for 45 td’s and 5K yards this year.



I think Rodgers is right. LaFleur wants to be the Alpha. I think his best chance at a nice start to his career is to milk the GOAT (or damn close). But instead he wants to make it all about his system. I think it will backfire over the medium to long term.

I pretty much agree … so the question is where will AR end up at in 2021?

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Who is going to pay $36,000,000 in 2021 or $39,000,000 in 2022? Maybe plenty of teams, I sure don’t know but if you’re AR you aren’t going to get beat out by a guy who has been ranked all over the place. Last year he had 4 int’s, 4. You’re going to get that many from a backup in 2 games, maybe before halftime of the 2nd game. If I were him I would be pissed, a reach for a 2nd round RB when they desperately needed a WR in the 2nd and then never took a WR at all. And their big move in FA at WR…wait for it…Devin Funchess, in 2019 he had 3 catches for 32 yards. Their draft was really bad, REALLY bad. FA was a bust too. They should be solid as long as he starts, but beating us twice on the last play of the game both times isn’t exactly an endorsement for them to win 13 games again. I would’ve drank heavy too, at this point is an annoyance as the blood is under the bridge. Like to see them in flux.

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Not sure how the restructured portion of the contract works out as far as old team vs new team. His actual salary for those years is 25m and he has a 500k workout bonus. The Packers would of course eat the signing bonus portion. So the new team is somewhere between 25.5m and 28.3m.

I don’t get the whole calling him a baby thing. How do you think he should feel? Happy that the team is ready to move on from him even though he is still better than any other QB in the league not named Wilson and Mahomes. Add to that the Packers made it to the Championship game with just one legit pass catching threat on the team. A QB is the absolute worst position the Packers could have addressed. Even a defensive player will help contribute to winning games even though I am sure Rodgers wanted a WR.
His whole time in GB has been marred by the construction of awful offensive teams put around him. Had the Packers had pretty much any other QB during his time there, they would have been fighting it out for 3rd place in the division.

With that said, the only teams I dislike more than the Packers are the Cowboys and Ravens. Even though I think Rodgers is a prick of the first degree, I kind of feel bad for him because to only win 1 SB with possibly the greatest QB talent of all time is a crime on GB’s front office.

Hopefully he learned how to drink a beer.

he’ll probably end up in chicago. just to make sure we keep getting fucked over having to play hall of fame qb’s multiple times a year.