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Save your antifa bull shit for the next meeting.

Do you guys wear your masks to the meetings?

The louder you and the others yell; just makes it easier for moderates to vote Trump.

If Trump is so bad the results should speak for themselves. You and the rest of the left just don’t get it. No one cares to listen to your whining and make believe anymore.

BTW I am Canadian… and it’s laughable how delusional the left is. You nut jobs just keep pushing more people towards Trump. It’s painfully obvious for an outsider like myself to see… and yet you guys are so far into the deep end ,you will never see that you are your own worst enemy.


Oh, don’t you know? There’s no such thing as a moderate. You’re either a far left Democrat hero or a Deplorable. There is nothing in between.

Agree totally on the left worrying the independents, THE LARGEST group of voters. It’s why Trump and the Rep’s have identified a group of 4 uber left candidates as the face of the Dem party. It isn’t, but if you can sell it it is. And Trump going after Antifa? That will sell all day long, why the Dem’s don’t condemn them is hurting them with independents. Lastly, the Dem’s need a border policy that is acceptable to the middle. Trump has a horrible policy, he just lost his 4th head of Homeland Security and yet, people will still support it because there is growing opinion that the country is being overwhelmed and needs something to slow down the flow.

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We definitely agree on independents, they are definitely the largest voting block. And the ranks are filled with some that never vote R or D, some that have bounced back and forth thru the election cycles and some that have voted for one party over and over but would gladly change their vote if X, Y or Z happened.

I could certainly be wrong, but I think the left has gone too far in regards to their border policy positions. And by that I mean their new position appears to have not have a border policy. And it doesn’t even matter if that’s what they really mean at this point. What they are selling and the way they are selling it sounds exactly like that. As far as the Homeland Security Chief, its a no win job at this point. And one of the problems is everything the left has done to drive up the numbers at the border. Obama’s former chief said he looked at the number of border apprehensions each morning and if it ever topped 1,000…he had a little bit of panic because too many days like that and the system would become overloaded and couldn’t handle it. We’ve had 4,000 apprehension days and regular end up in the 2,000+ range. The instances of women and children coming to the border has skyrocketed as well.

It’s a problem of policy, shear numbers, and ability for the homeland security director to work independently to solve problems without executive oversight that is knee jerk and unpredictable. So, what exactly has the left done to drive up the numbers at the border?

I met with the Turkish government back in 2009 when we had full permission to sell them military vehicles. Pretty sure that was Obama’s watch. They chose a domestic supplier instead and had to wait until 2014 for delivery. We could have got them vehicles in months. Now they’re the bad guy. Oh how the times change.

Offered freebies, for one.
There sure is the appearance that someone financed the caravans and I’m pretty sure Trump and the Republicans can’t be blamed for that, although, nothing would surprise me at this point.

Yes, it appears that Trump did finance the caravans so that he could use them to declare a border crisis and gin up support for the wall…that Mexico is paying for.

Huh ??

First, there are literally people out their sponsoring people to come to the border. Second, is simple advertising. Case and point. Once our American left advertised that if you come up here as a “family unit” with a child you will get special treatment, the number of women and children coming thru the border skyrocketed.

But I know, everything I say is pure bullshit and pulled out of my ass with no basis in truth. So carry on.

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Well, there you have it.:rofl:

The cost of a wall is significantly less than we spend on caring for illegals in this country each year.

Trump offered 3 year DACA extension for wall funding and Dems turned him down. I think Trump offers permanent status/path to citizenship for DACA in exchange for wall. Dems are in full anti-Trump mode so they likely turn him down as well.

It would be a smart move for Trump.

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Smart move how?


If he proposes path to citizenship for DACA it puts Dems in a difficult position. Every 2020 Dem candidate will be asked the question that Trump wants answered.

Will Dems vote AGAINST permanent status for DACA ??

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He has already put a path to citizenship for DACA on the table. They shot it down. How did that work out?

I don’t really know you, That is satire, right?