How Does

Offered freebies, for one.
There sure is the appearance that someone financed the caravans and I’m pretty sure Trump and the Republicans can’t be blamed for that, although, nothing would surprise me at this point.

Yes, it appears that Trump did finance the caravans so that he could use them to declare a border crisis and gin up support for the wall…that Mexico is paying for.

Huh ??

First, there are literally people out their sponsoring people to come to the border. Second, is simple advertising. Case and point. Once our American left advertised that if you come up here as a “family unit” with a child you will get special treatment, the number of women and children coming thru the border skyrocketed.

But I know, everything I say is pure bullshit and pulled out of my ass with no basis in truth. So carry on.

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Well, there you have it.:rofl:

The cost of a wall is significantly less than we spend on caring for illegals in this country each year.

Trump offered 3 year DACA extension for wall funding and Dems turned him down. I think Trump offers permanent status/path to citizenship for DACA in exchange for wall. Dems are in full anti-Trump mode so they likely turn him down as well.

It would be a smart move for Trump.

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Smart move how?


If he proposes path to citizenship for DACA it puts Dems in a difficult position. Every 2020 Dem candidate will be asked the question that Trump wants answered.

Will Dems vote AGAINST permanent status for DACA ??

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He has already put a path to citizenship for DACA on the table. They shot it down. How did that work out?

I don’t really know you, That is satire, right?