How early is "too" early for Chaisson?

I don’t see a lot of folks that love him here, but I’ve got no problem going out on a bit of a limb. His place in the draft is also at an area we’ve rarely discussed moving to, so maybe that’s more the reason for much enthusiasm about the guy. Me, I’m sold. He’s the second best pass rusher in the draft, and several picks better than Gross-Matos who is likely #3. I think if Chaisson was 6’5, he’s a top 5 pick for us there. But he’s 6’3. Which is also the exact height of our prior and penciled in JACK LB. Collins moves to WILL, Jones to bench.

JACK is the best way IMO to get a starting pass rusher, of the highest caliber possible in this particular draft. 4-3 DE types are absolute crap in this draft. So trying to get a pass rush from a starting DE in this draft is going to take a leap of faith, starting with Gross-Matos and getting worse trait/production wise from there.

The second best way to get a pass rush in this draft is 3t DT. Fortunately the draft is quite deep here. Kinlaw, Blacklock, Madubuike, Gallimore, Elliott off the top of my head. We have Hand and this is the same role he plays in this defense. When healthy he isn’t a guy you’d prefer to be sitting a lot. So if say you get Madubuike, who I love trait wise in the 2nd round. He’s a guy that’s probably going to rotate out quite a bit, whether we are going heavy, or if Hand is playing his snaps.

So back to going Chaisson. He’s good and experienced at dropping in coverage. So when we go to Nickle, you don’t have to pull him off the field, even in longer yardage situations, it you want to zone blitz. Patricia loads the box up all the time, then everyone but 3 or 4 end up dropping, but at different spots. Adding a guy like Chaisson who can blitz off the edge or drop or cover the flat like he can, would be a great pick for us. Like I’ve said, this will be our best chance at a pass rush impact (Kinlaw/Gross-Matos are in the conversation) if no Young. The big question is to me, is at what point do we go “great pick” and not throw TV’s out the window??

I think he’s a top 10 pick for us and he’s a fit. If we did a trade down he should be a target IMO.

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If we trade with Jacksonville I would take him at 9

I made a thread on him a couple months ago. At the time most mocks had him going in the 20’s. I argued that if not for injuries he would be a top 10 pick. He’s talented but the injury concerns knock him down a few spots.

I figured 2 months ago that he would go in the teens of this draft. I still think that.

I can see why you like him. I don’t think we’ll draft him because he doesn’t set a good run edge. They like the power guys.

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I think when we hear rumors that “the mocks have it way wrong this year,” I think this is one of the guys who will go higher than expected. Same with Henderson and Gross-Matos. I think anyone other than Washington, that doesn’t run a straight 4-3 Defense, will be looking very closely at Chaisson beginning with us. Trading past the top 10 starts to make me nervous. But I’d hate to give up perhaps another top 3 round player to overdraft him too much. Maybe the Jaguar trade, 9, 20 and Fournette, then another to drop a few spots from 9, then pull the trigger. Still have 20, 2a,2b,3a,3b.

Chaisson JACK
Fulton CB2
Madubuike 3t
Cleveland RG
Anae LDE
Claypoole WR
Fournette RB1
4th round on

I don’t think he goes any earlier than 17. Talented no doubt, injuries and not great production keeps him in that 17-26 range IMO

Would be stioked to get him at 20 Kinlaw at 9. Brown goes to Panthers at 7

Yeah I think if you do a trade down outside the top 10 then getting Chaisson ends up being unlikely.

I agree if you are having to populate the “negatives” column, that would indeed be there. But watch the Bama tape. He’s not soft. I also think that when you see him playing patty cake, sometimes it’s because he’s got his head on a swivel trying to find/make a play on the ball. He disengages to run and chase often and successfully so. When he does have to man up against RT’s, he gets knock back a lot and these are against Wills/Thomas/Wenogho type players.

He can improve his strength and that is part of the reason like you say he’ll fall from a top 5 type pick. When I watch the tape, I’m not thinking wow, Devon Kennard did way better against RT’s, and the guys I’m watching him go against, are the guys he’ll be playing against on Sundays. Day one starter or us, allowing Collins to supplant Jones. Win, win aaand win!

He definitely has some juice off the edge, this defense needs it badly.

Dallas is at 17. If he starts falling into that 15 range and Henderson is gone… they are going to move up for the #2 pass rush EDGE in Nolin’s new defense over the #3 or #4 CB IMO. Zero chance Henderson falls to Dallas. Like I said after pick 10, I’m starting to get itchy…

Amen brother!

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