How I think it may go, way too early stabup

TL;DR version

FA-Add CJones, Keenum or Mariota, a RG starter, punter and depth DE and OT while re-signing Amendola,Hall, Daniels and Wilson and extending Kenny G

Draft-TD w Miami for 5, 26 and next yr 2nd.
Okudah, Dobbins/Swift/Taylor, DE, WR, OL, DT through 5 rounds, then flyers.

QB Stafford/Keenun-Mariota/Blough
RB KJ/Dobbins-Taylor-Swift 1.26 from Miami TD/Bo/JDM
WR Kenny G/Jones/Amendola/Hall/Rd 3
TE Hock/James/Thomas
OL Starters Decker/Dahl/Ragnow/FA/Wagner
OL depth-Crosby/Aboushi/Rd4/FA

ST-Prater/cheap FA/Mule/Agnew

DT-Snacks/C Jones in FA/Bryant/Daniels cheap/ Rd5
LB-Same Crew-Jones/Davis/Tavai/Kennard/JRM/Longa
CB Slay, Okudah 1.5, Coleman, Ford, Oruwarie (plus Agnew from above)

I’m not saying this is what I want, it’s what I think will go down.

Mariota has expressedly stated he wants a starting job. Every such FA knows the Lions will accommodate Stafford’s penchant to stay in games.

In fact, Stafford is the reason they won’t even sniff at Tua - eve if he throws and runs in the Combine / Pro Day…

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Mariota can hope to get a starting job all he wants, I am not sure he will get one.

No Oruwariye or Okwara?

annnd there my first edit, thanks for The backstop on them.

I think the Lions will look to improve the back up QB spot. Getting a veteran back up makes the most sense to me.

I really want us to trade down but I ultimately expect BQ to reject all trade offers and draft CB - Okudah. Then for him to trade Slay for Peanuts. Likely to move up a few spots in round 4.

Then in round two to grab an OG to fill in GG spot.

I expect Snack to retire and A’Shawn to leave via FA. The Lions will fill those holes via FA. Signing cheap stop gap DT’s and draft depth in rounds 3 and 4. Ultimately making our DL even worse.

Weasel: Kudos for taking the time & effort…Your forecast seems reasonable. I’ve thought about the likelihood of either #26 OR #39 from the Fins. Am coming around to the idea that obtaining #26 may seal the deal. Then, I could envision a scenario, whereby, the Lions TRADE #26 for a mid 2nd & another 3rd. Lions need players!..

If the Lions are gung-ho about going for a RB at #26, then I would forecast, at least 1of 3 Premium RB’s will be available at #35. A gamble for sure but within the realm of possibility. Trading down from #26, would still enable the Lions to draft a DE/CB/G of high quality at a mid 2nd Round area.


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You’ve got the Lions taking Taylor Swift at RB?


lol I just looked up some of her song titles and I think she’s a good fit.
You need to calm down
Shake it off
Back to December


It seems likely 1 of the 3 rb will be there in rd 2 for us given the teams in front of us, yes.

Might as well…

I’d buy that for a dollar.


Chiefs will franchise Jones if need be

They very well may.

I expect them too.