How many good defensive players do we have?

I’m talking players that stay on the field, not ones that are always injured??

Slay is good. Kennard is decent.

The rest are either overpaid, injured, underperforming or terrible.

You don’t get the worst defense in the league if you have a handful of good players.

What the hell is defense?


In my honest opinion,
We have a slew of mediocre defenders, I know that. Something Quinn loves to settle for obviously.
We have one aging DT (Snacks) who, prior to this season, was considered an elite run defender.
And one CB (Slay) who plays at a higher level than anyone on that defense, and won’t get a dime from the Lions organization.
Instead we go ahead and spend an absurd amount on guys like Trey Flowers because our GM and HC liked him when they were in NE.
He also gets a free pass from most because he’s done his job the last couple games.

I’d love to say anything different, but they just haven’t been able to prove that they’re able to build a quality defense.

I was just looking things over again this morning.
We have a lot of guys that belong in the NFL. We have a lot of guys that have some strengths. We don’t have a lot of guys on defense that can really put it all together.

Slay at CB=excellent
Coleman at Slot CB=excellent
Flowers at DE=good, extremely versatile. Can and will line up from 0 out to 9 and perform.
Snacks at NT=good against the run.
Kennard at OLB=good, versatile player. Can play on or off the line. Good at containment on the line with limited ability at pass-rush.

That’s 2 great and 3 really good defensive players, each legit starters. Beyond them, there’s a lot of guys you like for one reason or another, but they’re not really dominant or complete enough to compare with starters from playoff teams. There are guys like Kevin Strong that raise your eyebrows on certain plays that you want to keep on the team. At the same time, if he’s taking a larger number of snaps, he’s also the reason you’re not getting interior pressure. It’s frustrating. We have great depth on the D, so much so that they’re starters. :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued by what a Chase Young could be as an OLB in this defense. He’s supposed to be 260ish right now and still runs a 4.5 40. He might be able to run in the high 4.4s at 250 ish. So he’s fast enough in coverage… and we’ve seen how quick he is as a pass rusher. Dude could literally make plays all over the place. Then you have Davis, Kennard and Jones to focus on the things they do best.

And then I think, poor Chase Young, why bring him here just to ruin him?:sweat_smile:

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Haha. I hear you, but when you see someone who you think might be a beast, you just go get him. Guys like Bosa and Young aren’t available every year, but they can change the entire dynamic of your defense overnight.

For instance, Bosa has done more than our entire 2019 draft. So, if you’re like me and think Young could be a dominant force for his career, then you trade up and get him. I would rather have 1 draft pick that is elite, then 3 guys who see the field but do nothing.

I agree, and I think there’s a good chance of them going after Young.

First, they’ve gotta fix that D and no player can help do that better than Young. IMO they do have lots of pieces on D, they need an X factor type superstar.

Second, they’re feeling the heat. So while it’s not a “Quinn move” the chances of him swinging for the fences in the offseason go up with every loss.


Maybe I’m crazy but I always thought we were another draft and FA away. And that we do need “difference makers” think this team is full of balanced quality depth and missing a few needle movers…

I dont like anybody from defense
I like driskel, marvin jones ,marvin hall,glassgow and holiday. Thats it

MP talked about player with “scary speed”. I think we need one on each side of the ball.

Think we have some good defensive pieces and I would love me some Chase Young. I would then go LB and interior DL in the next two rounds of the draft. Lets get that D to a respectable level and I think this team surprises!

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You have been bemoaning the lack of diamonds in the rough and then you listed your favorite 3 guys who were diamonds in the rough for BQ and an argument could be made for Jones and Driskell.

Chase Young is a rich man’s Anthony Barr at OLB. But he can put his hand in the dirt, fly around inside on stunts with ease, can run with TEs and RBs and spy the top running QBs in the game.

I really like watching his film…think he is also versatile enough to play few different roles based on the situation.

That’s really it. Need players that can draw the attention of the opponent. Makes everyone better.

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He closing speed on QBs is nuts. Better than Ziggy at his best, and he’s much more versatile than Ansah. They’d almost be crazy NOT to trade up for him. He’s got to be at the top of their board as of now. I can’t imagine another player they’re even dreaming of. The rub is to get the most of him you’ll need to play him at OLB. Unless you plan to switch to a 4-3 and move Flowers to the other side. I wouldn’t waste Young’s talent making him into a flex 3-4 type DE.


I think you can move Flowers as he is not a true pass rush DE…more of a disruptive anchor who can move in and out. Think that leaves a good spot for Young.

That would make for a stud DL for sure. But then you’re looking at a scheme switch. Don’t need Snacks anymore, can resign Ashawn instead if that’s the case. The Lions don’t roll with even Flowers and Okwara at the same time. They could do this, it would be a seismic change for their DL though.

Snacks has an $11m ($5m dead) cap next year. Kennard has a $7m ($1.75m dead) cap hit next year. IF they had the nads to go after Young, I think Kennard would be vulnerable. Unless they decide to switch to a base 4-3, which would be wild, but damn that could be a fine 4-3 DL. Seems to me if they got Young, he’d a) drop weight to play OLB b) stay the same or add a bit and play 4-3 blindside c) add weight to play DE in the Lions scheme, which would be dumb.

Yep. Or take snaps where Kennard and Jones are. He’d fit right in, IMO.

Still need a big interior guy with heavy hands, power and moves that can disrupt the interior.