How many times Sean Payton screwed brees now?

Everybody blame Caldwell on timeout managements . Super intelligent Sean Payton , how many times he screwed Drew brees on winning multiple Super Bowls? Today not using time out end of regulation . Also 2 minute before 2 nd quarter no need to run a play before 2 minute , he did and turn the bAll and Vikings scored . I don’t trust Payton and shanahans decisions on big games . Many years back Payton’s side line warning cost their run . Also diggs play years back . Cousins is more Accurate deep passer than Stafford . I am happy for Zimmer, he coach the right way . Cocky Payton deserved to lose

Yep. His clock management before OT was atrocious. He let 50 seconds run off to save a timeout he didn’t use. I hate Zimmer, but he badly out coached Payton today. Brees was not good today either

I agree it was not brees day , it was hills day . But Vikings managed well with banged up secondary .i know zimmer messed up in past , but his defense is consistent unlike ours

Ours is consistently crappy :man_shrugging:


Cousins can throw most passes if given time and ability to set his feet and step into it, but he is a scared rabbit back there. The best thing the Vikes had was that Brees is also a scared rabbit in the pocket and susceptible to making very poor decisions when given the opportunity. Today Brees played worse than Cousins and that was the only difference.

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Ansah decides to start taking out SEA players now?

Ansah is a cry baby to get injured any time , he will injure his teammates on the process too. Look like he need to replace his condition coach abroad , he is always out of country

Why? I’ve always felt empathy towards him ever since his wife getting sick and the dignity he displayed dealing with. Same with Chris Spielman. Both earned so much of my respect.

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Just an example from 2 weeks ago:

He is a clown. Whether it be his players going rogue on him, or him acting like a complete dick to the media and everyone, or his outdated coaching philosophies. Can’t stand the guy. I had no clue about his wife getting sick. I am just going by what I’ve seen. I hate Zimmer probably more than anyone in the league.

Okay. Thank you for explaining. That does seem like bad sportsmanship. Hate seems extreme but that’s your prerogative

I totally join iggy in his evaluation and feelings towards Zimmer. I will be first to admit he had a brilliant defensive game plan today vs NO. I think he’ll see what a real offensive genius is next week in SF tho. And that DL will have cousins seeing ghosts.

And I believe the word hate from us old guys (actually no idea if iggy is old? Always cranky so i figured he is lol) isn’t the way today’s millennial world interprets it. It’s more a deep dislike but not want the guy run over thing