How many WR will go in the top 100

This WR draft class is insanely deep. So deep experts can’t seem to agree on how many will go in the top 100?

How many do you think it will be?

As many as 22 are ranked in the top 100, depending on who’s list. That doesn’t mean they’ll all go that soon tho.
I’ll guess 16 in the top 100 and 47 over all

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Average for a draft over the last ten years is @30, with only 28 going last year and the most being 33 or 34 I believe. It is a good year, last year not so good where only 13 went in the top 100. I guess 18 in the top 100 and 38 overall.

I think you will see 15 go in the top 100. The key is that other positions with less depth will get pushed up

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Jr you nailed it I think