"How the Lions coaching staff is costing them football games"

Saw this a week or so ago and it stuck around in my head. I know some of you guys don’t care for this guy. I follow him loosely, and I found this of interest recently being that this same fellow was talking up the Lion’s D prior to the season starting.

Aside from some of the other things he points out, yeah, I got sick of the 3 man rushes and the almost deliberate lack of line pressure. Sure we lost some guys on the Line, but Pat and Co weren’t doing much to supplement the lost rush ability. Just a lame effect overall that this guy articulates decently.

Just sharing the burden, with hopes in all that Unden has a constructive effect on this D


Yeah, that video is awful to watch, I made it about 2.5 minutes and had to stop. That kid’s voice is like nails on the chalkboard and his knowledge is “sketchy at best”. And you can tell this is some dork who is sitting in his mom’s basement making these videos, anyone can do this if they want.

I mean, this video is trying to point-out what most of us have already been saying, so it’s not that I disagree with some of his points…but playing zone with most of your DB’s and LB’s playing off the ball is not a bad decision (like this kid was saying) but I do agree that rushing only 3 is rarely a good idea.

Thanks for sharing but I personally have no interest in watching some kid’s video posted from his mom’s basement.


Hey nice to see you again LastShoe-todrop. :sunglasses:

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He doesn’t understand it. OK. You don’t have to.
He doesn’t like it. Again, you don’t have to. It’s as if he’s supposed to be in on the decision process. Myself? I’m just a fan. An observer. I know my place. It’s in front of the TV watching saying ‘GO LIONS, GO’! Or ‘YAY. GOOD ONE LIONS, YAY’! But often it’s ‘Aw shit! Damn! Oh well, maybe next week’. Then I go about living my insignificant little life. I’m not second guessing decisions that I’m not informed enough to make. Don’t get paid to make. I don’t fancy myself to be informed enough to second guess any decisions the coaching staff makes. I’m just rooting for 'em to win and that’s enough for me.

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Hey thanks man!

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I’m in it for the content, I don’t care about his personality or to imagine where he produces it from or what age he is. It’s what he has to say. And whatever else, he analyzes more film than I do, on his own steam. Whatever. Maybe there’s no hot takes there, but I watch the games often with a twinging feeling and rarely with the quickness or the time or the patience to rewatch and articulate how what’s wrong is wrong. So this video does some processing *for me. And reinforces some of the logic behind those twinges: Our D was many times decidedly, even deliberately, unaggressive, and more condemning, at crucial times where coaching intuition could/should jab back. It would bespeak a coach who is still green, cautious, and unsure to make bold decisions where they are deserved and could move the momentum of the game.
I’m not the relying on miracles sort - I won’t place any bets on Patricia making a leap until I see it - so I hope Undlin provides the needed offset to this tentativeness and conservatism.


The coaches were horrid in the first half of the season. The second half? I can’t imagine they got better. Hard to tell with the injuries.


Believe the tank was in with being mathematically eliminated that early. The injuries didn’t help but watching them scheme that defense was surreal. Like, they didn’t want to stop them.

It was a sad watch…

I agree please post and share more often.


I agree with this. I think they schemed to put that defense in a disadvantage.

Look at how MP schemed games in 2018 vs 2019. It is night and day how he approached them. Go back and watch the games with Stafford in vs the games with Stafford out. The approach on defense and offense was different. I understand offense but his approach i defense felt like it wasn’t an approach to winning football games.

Once MP knew that he was out of the race I think he chose to try and teach more so than win. If they lost so be it. I figure that Martha and the Fords had to be on board with this to. I think that’s likely why they were retained another year.

Just a theory and I could be way off base but I’m just trying to rationalize why they did what they did.


Kind of like what the Pistons are doing now. Once they knew they were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, they started the tank. They got rid of some of the older vets and started to develop the younger guys. They are keeping the games close enough but lose it in the 4th so it doesn’t look like it was obvious. Plus it bought the coaching staff some more time.

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I hate being the devils advocate but while MP is the HC and the buck stops with him… we have no clue how much he handles the play calling and weekly scheming… our old DC is the old DC for a reason imho…

I’m excited to see what happened this season!!

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Could MP really afford a tanking decision?? I…don’t think so.Unproven, with already a bad 1st year, I don’t think you have the capital for that move.

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Well, uh, Snot, the problem is that we suck. It’s one thing to defer to. the coaches if we’re winning, or even breaking even! But, we’re most definitely not. We’re losing…badly.

Co-signed – good to see ya, @LastShoe-todrop!

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Think of it like this … injuries mount. Then Stafford goes down. MP/BQ meet with the Fords.

BQ - Martha we have two choices here. We can continue to win some meaningless games or we IR some our banged up guys. Let them get healthy for next year and we work in some of our depth to see what we have. We can put that youth in some tough situations to see how they respond. Hopefully we can end up getting a high draft choice and get some crucial playing time in for our youth.

Once Martha is on board you have job security at least for one more year.

Ok. Optimistic and speculative, but, it could happen. It would be clever certainly to approve of that with Martha before they launched that plan
Can’t look nice for a second year coach to approach you, as owner, with that proposal. If the owner also realizes that they have to make that move b/c the GM hasn’t adequately provided depth at the QB position. I can accept the idea only if she agrees and then makes a cutthroat gesture immediately thereafter. Which, via her statements, it would appear she did.
Even then, let’s say you’re giving the youngsters more time, I still don’t see why we play conservative or how we find anything out about them playing conservatively. Unless that was for the sake of the elder starters.
Beyond that…Seems like it would be really hard to make the decision to tank. This is a different matter, but its a real teste-punch to the pride to tank, a political move where football is about anything but. And a morale burner.
But, we will see, and if come draft time we trade down two spots and have 4 picks in the first two rounds, I just may be singing me a Quinn ditty or two.
Egg are all in this basket now, either way. Boom or bust. (Boom, please.) ++

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Hey thanks! To be straight, I seem more so to be an offseason-talker when all the pieces are in the air and all is potential. And I was certainly in the mood until that Packer game last season, and then the Minnesota game after it entirely confirming the stolen momentum. Took the wind right out of my sails, too.


Bust wouldn’t be horrible, especially with expectations so low, There’s this guy named Trevor something coming out in 2021.

I’m told that MP/BQ and the Fords talk nearly every week and go over direction. So they are on board with what BQ is doing. Martha even mentioned this in her letter to the fans.

Here is what I noticed. We didn’t blitz or stunt our DL much. We were definitely bland up front. Partially due to the mounting injuries along our DL but I want to believe there was a plan. I wouldn’t call what we did conservative.

By staying bland along the DL your LBers and DB’s are put on an island. This challenged them more. Your DL are forced to try and beat double teams with no help. They are forced to get pressure on their own. Without scheme to help them. They failed miserably at it. That’s why I’m expecting a complete overhaul of our DL. Expect 2-3 new starters there.

Let’s look at the secondary next. What we did in 2019 was far to the extreme of what we did in 2018. Ask yourself why?

CB’s had to cover longer. Learn better coverage skills. S have to learn to stay in position.

What we did was we played mostly Press man with our CB’s and forced them to play man up with no help. We rarely double teamed (even the best) WR’s we played. We put our safeties in a ton of cover 3 and forced them to learn their zone responsibilities. We rotated them positionally and forced them to play against their weaknesses.

Our CB’s did ok and our safeties struggled expectedly.

LBers were mixing it up a lot. Meaning playing each zone. We seemed to be trying to teach zone integrity to each LBer.

Every defense is vulnerable when offenses overload zones or attack the seams between zones. I think we were trying to teach our defense how to recognize this and to properly react to it. Did you notice how our opponents would flood zones by sending 3-4 WR on vertical routes then attack the seems? Especially the zones that were our weakest? … I did and we did get better at recognizing it.

We weren’t conservative… exactly. I think that’s a bad word for what we was actually doing. We were daring teams to attack us vertically, gave them time to do it and they did. Hopefully we put enough on tape to learn from what we did well and what we didn’t do well. Then we can use that to teach and make changes where it’s needed.

Keep in mind I’m not a fan of BQ and MP but I think I recognize what they are trying to do.