How to separate The Den page from OTT topics

If you’re on a laptop, and have added this site to your favorites (or favorites bar), right click on that favorite, and select properties. In the location, where the URL is showing, replace it with this…

This URL is the link to the General Lions forum, that will not include the OT Topics.

Or just click this link ( ). It will take you to the General Lions Forum, and then you can save that as your new favorite.

+1000 to SirLion.


Working on making this default.

Of course, I’m sure somehow that means I’m “censoring” free exchange of ideas, or something, on a free internet forum.

You are doing no such thing, Nate. Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to learn to hate one another. :slight_smile:

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Speaking of working on things… Thanks for allowing the “ignore” feature to work for additional time (including infinity) :slight_smile:

Maybe make the default home page for users “Unread” or “New” and automatically have OTT Muted for everyone?
We’d have to go through a couple clicks to get into OTT then (meaning; you’d be going there on purpose and not just seeing OTT topics by default).

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Didn’t know where else to put this. But what happened to the “User” feature under the triple bar toggle on the upper right.

I liked that feature…