How well all 32 active GMs have drafted + Mayhew for kicks

yeah I’m worried there’s a lot of pressure on Opie to prove himself as a keeper this draft.

According to those standards, Bill Belichick has too. Drafted lots of potential and talented guys but Jamie Collins was the last Pro Bowler he drafted…in 2013. Obviously that is only part of the story and those awards shouldn’t determine success. Otherwise we should have a list of all those considered Pro Bowl snubs to add to each GM’s hit rate.

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Proves football is a team sport. WE have had 2 of the best players at their position in Barry and Calvin and that is not enough. they can make you more competitive but you need lots of role players to win.

The Lions were caught between a rock and a hard place with Stafford, Johnson and Suh. IF they let them walk they would have been crucified. Signing them to the deals they got stopped us from adding any talent around them. The new rookie deals in the CBA have patched that inequity.


He loved taking flyers on players with serious injury concerns and it bit him in the ass pretty bad. And Mikel Leshoure was a complete waste of a pick.

I find that interesting. Because the cap guy was Lewand. Is that correct?

I know it’s not cool to say, but Mayhew was a solid GM. Not a great one! I was ok with trying to get a new great guy. But Mayhew was solid. (Insert the “change my mind” table meme here)

Wake and Bake was pretty good as a rookie. 213 carries for 798 yards, 3.7 ypc, 9 TDs, plus 34 receptions for 214 yards, a 6.3 ypr.

But that year was Mayhew’s all pothead team. Fairley, LeShoure, and Culbreath all had issues, and then there was head case Titus Young.

Mayhew’s worst draft by far, especially considering he could’ve had either Quinn or Kerrigan over Fairley and either Torrey Smith or Randall Cobb over Titus Young.

Lol i remember when they drafted Fairley, and he was wearing those ridiculous glasses, I said to my brother “This guy looks like an idiot who makes bad life choices”


Yes, Lewand was the cap idiot
I’ve always assumed they made numbers decisions together
Even if they didn’t, Mayhew should have understood the numbers well enough to avoid the mistakes they made
So yeah, he is at fault too

But what’s worse? Being in cap hell and winning 11 games or sitting on 20 million dollars of unspent money and winning 3?

It’s clear you have no interest in a rational conversation

I agree. Ultimately, it falls on him. His primary job is to acquire talent and rely on the cap guy to guide his decisions regarding the cap. Lewand failed miserably. And thus, Mayhew failed.

Wasn’t Ansah wearing frames, like no glass at all?

True but he was a 67 year old man at the draft, they made him look distinguished, definitely age appropriate.

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Getting his Urkle on is age appropriate?

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Haha! I’m rolling on the floor here. :rofl:

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