How would you view it?

I really think a team in DET’s situation could swing multiple trade downs and still pick in the top 10. However BQ doesn’t seem to like to trade down in round one. So I bet he gets offers but stays put.

If Burrow and Young go 1 and 2, it would be stupid for BQ not to trade down a couple spots (even though I don’t believe the scenario is unlikely for the Lions, personal belief don’t knock it). Because the next 5 or 6 players on any list would be very acceptable.

Maybe BQ is that guy who will only take a fleecing and not just a respectable trade offer (like Miami and Detroit swapping picks 3-5 and Miami giving up 39) and he wants something like 2 of their 1st round picks and a 2nd and 4th or something like that to move up 2 spots.