Hustle stops

I will never say Davis doesn’t have heart and puts his all on the field. I will say that he is like a kid running full speed in socks on a hardwood floor trying to change directions.


Easy to run 20 yards when 15 of it is east-west and then getting carried that last extra 5 yards.

Agree, just one of those stats that doesn’t really tell the whole story.

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That’s how many yards they gained when Davis first darted across Tavai’s face to fill Tavai’s gap. Then he turns and runs 20 yards after the RB he should have met in his own gap.


Wow! That’s surprising. Why do I only remember the missed tackles and blow bys?

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I still believe if you put them on the outside in Kennards spot, you have a guy that can more effectively seal the edge and protect the wide bounce out on the run while having an effective pass-rusher. Keeping him on the inside is an absolute deal-breaker at this point because he just isn’t able 2 stop making mistakes in diagnosing staying off blockers filling the right hole and wrapping guys up

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He was a WLB in college.

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Kennard is better than Davis on the edge. Davis would not set squat.

Kennard is the most underrated player on this board and is probably the 3rd best defender behind Flowers and Slay. Maybe 4th if you count a healthy Hand.

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And should still be one here. (WLB). He should have been one from the jump, even under Caldwell. He has no business being associated with on-the-ball outside LB roles.