I am predicting Cincy to draft tua

With all the positives developing on tua I am predicting cincy to draft tua . Then do we really need burrow ? https://thefandc.radio.com/mel-kiper-redskins-draft-tua-tagovailoa-at-2

Rivera will not stick to a qb like Haskins who left the game before last snap

gee that’s risky :dizzy_face:

I’m thinking Washington takes whoever is left (Tua or Borrow) after Cindy selects at #1. This gives us the opportunity to select Young if he so desire… and with Hebert looking good at the combine, there may still be a trade back possibility or two.

I think Mia trades to #1 takes Burrow
Wash quickly runs to podium and takes Young.
BQ was in the bathroom misses his pick.
NYG quickly take Okudah
Cincy takes Simmons
SD quickly takes TUA
BQ is still in the bathroom. Won’t answer his phone because he’s playing Pokémon go.
CAR rushed to take Herbert
BQ comes out of bathroom and is tackled by a frantic Patricia.
ARZ streak to podium to snatch up Brown.
BQ yells across his war room. Oh no both Okudah and Brown are gone now what? We didn’t plan for this!

Someone in the back of the war room yells …


Does Calhoun have a brother?

Lol then Quinn has to introduce Hockenson again this year