I can't say I'm thrilled about this, but I went to bat for everyone here regardless




Don’t sweat it. I’m here because of you. Thanks for taking point and putting yourself out there. If we can only keep the riff raff to a minimum it would be a big plus… oh wait!.. I’m here. :wink:


Lol. Whatever. I appreciate some of the decency showed, and laughed when someone suggested I deleted comments because I “disagreed” with them. I didn’t do that in the 20 years I’ve been doing this.

The one other issue I’ll take is this: This isn’t the “new” Den. It’s The Den. The memories and name belongs to us, full stop. They can have their corporate owned and ad juiced forum. Why do you suppose we left? The moment 24/7 realizes the forum server drain isn’t worth the investment, what do you think happens? I was never going to let our survival be a business decision. And I’d seen us go dark without warning once before.

Anyway, don’t worry about the grief, Adrian. At the end of the day, we all want to see the same thing: the Lions winning this damn thing. Whether it’s celebrated here or Facebook or anywhere else doesn’t much matter to me. I appreciate you going out on a limb.


Group hug? Group hug!


Lions fans give the best group hugs.


Hope all is well Nate. Always a fan of “The Den” and the work you do. I have been on the original site you were running since 2005. Not a huge poster, but always like good football conversations.


Welcome aboard, Wolfhound. I remember the username. Thanks for joining.


Roger that Nate. Go Lions!


Yeah but Adrian hugs are weird and uncomfortable, his are fronts to backs. :flushed:


Great, no Iggy14 here. This is going to be a positive experience.


Oh, FYI everyone, this is Scottallen222


He’ll be here, he’s just a little slow…if you know what I mean.


It’s great to see some of you guys again! I didn’t know this board was up until now. Thanks for using your old usernames as much as possible… I’ve been with the Den since the mid-2000s, through all of the changes, splits, mergers, etc. Glad to see it’s back up and running!

Thanks for putting this together Nate.


Yeah, he probably will, but he did state this at 247.
“Nate is a snowflake. Pass”.

Admitting my guilty pleasure. I love roasting that guy.


Just went up yesterday.



Ah, the bravery of some people …


He said that Nate is a beautiful snowflake that he wants to catch on his tongue…big difference! :grin:




Ugh, now it’s weird.

OK, guys, time to shut it down. Again. We gave it our best shot. Blame Snags.


Mojo, you’re such a Nut. You are a Mojo…nut, right? :slight_smile: