I’d hate to bring this up again, but


Somewhat unrelated. Mods, feel free to delete if it derails the thread. But when did this become a generational issue? Frankly, I’m tired of the “millenials are entitled and lazy” storyline. You added that “there’s plenty” who want something and are willing to work for it, but imply that for the most part, this group is lazy and entitled. Perhaps you were bringing this in because most of the players are millenials, I’m not sure.

You say you’re a history guy. What did parents say about their kids in the 80’s? In the 60’s? That they “didn’t know how good they had it” and were lazy? Read articles from the era, or watch movies. Frankly, this generation is very similar to any other. Some hard workers, some truly lazy people, and plenty just willing to do the minimum to get by.

I, and several friends of similar age, have started multiple businesses, worked multiple jobs simultaneously, and busted tail to earn things. Please don’t lump together 15 years of Americans based on their age, and imply that most of them aren’t hard working.


It could be what he’s “not” doing, like applying appropriate focus on special teams during practice.


Just guessing because that’s all I can do.

Less emphasis on ST in practice?
Less emphasis on ST aces kept on the roster like … ZZ, Don Carey, Longa (I realize Longa is hurt)
I looked up this years ST biggest contributors and compared to last year. This years leaders are Bellore, JRM, and Charles Washington. Last year Longa and Kilbrew were are top two guys.

To be honest I haven’t really dug into snap counts on ST but I’m guessing the problems could be all of the above. I just find it odd that our ST as a unit dropped significantly with a new HC. I have to believe there’s a contributing factor here.


I wont try to derail the thread, but I wasnt implying millenals are lazy. Entitled, perhaps but not in the negative sense. And yes, you are right about parents of the era. However, how many generations have we gone through where we think our parents know nothing, and then we learn there was real wisdom in what they said, and there IS a reason why a lot of things are the way they are, and there ARE a lot of things that can change and be improved upon.

What I meant by entitled, is simply that kids coming out of school today believe they are ahead of where we are. Educationally, perhaps. My kid can do things I learned on my own at age 12. However, as the millennials will learn, there is only so far education can take you. There comes experience with a lot of things that are just things you can’t tell someone or teach in a class.

They will learn, as we all have. Id love to be a kid in the current generation. My parents told me I could never make money playing video games. I cant tell my son the same thing. Im 37. Thats how fast the world changed. I never said I believe millennials are lazy. Quite the contrary. There are more billionaires under 30 than ever before. They didnt get there by not working. They worked smarter. However, the ones with sustained success, were also wise enough to find people who had the experience on how to teach them to sustain success. You only get that by see what works, and what doesnt, and interweaving that knowledge with todays tools.

You are right. This generation is similar to others, however we’ve made enormous strides in just 50 years. Life’s not perfect, but I saw a bowling video from the 1940’s on youtube. Its amazing to see how much people have changed. Theres stuff in there that would get you thrown in jail today. Black jokes, fat white women jokes, pretty much every stereotype you can imagine. I think we are better now than we were then, but we still have a ton of work to do.

Sociology class can be dismissed now, we will resume this course next week, same time same place. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your thoughtful response. I’m sorry if I read too much into your first comment. It sounds like you’d be a great guy to grab a beer with, and talk anything from Lions to history.

Back to the Lions, and trying to not beat my head against the wall too hard…


The board has been here maybe a week and I’ve already read a more thoughtful and wise OTT post than I have have in 8 years on the old one.


I don’t think they’ve given up. I think they just aren’t very good. The roster has major flaws, and the coaching isn’t good enough to overcome them.


Carey, ZZ, Longa, Bademosi and I think there was another ST only ace tyoe guy there too a few yrs ago.

Did the Quinn obsessiin with depth screw us out of ST ralent?


This is the crux of my beef with this situation. More talent is yielding worse results. How can anyone think this coaching change has been positive?


I do not understand how we can come out against Miami and play so well, appear to “turn the corner”, only to come out flat and sloppy against Seattle and then flat lay an egg vs the purple pricks. Even still, Seattle was worse, IMO, because WE SHOULD have BEATEN Minnesota.The maligned D only gave up 17. Time of possession was in our favor by a HUGE amount. We won the turnover battle (although our boneheaded moronic panic-mode fumble gave up a TD). We could not capitalize on turnovers nor field position, and did nothing of note with 13 extra minutes with the ball. The O line couldn’t block their own shadows once they knew the run was not happening (as it has been for about 10 years or so), pinned their ears back and came after the QB. Hell, even before the Lions gave up the run, they were showing 7-8 in the box…daring Stafford to beat them. He couldn’t. Was it because of poor play calling? Poor O line play? Or poor QB play? All of the above, IMO. Stafford doesn’t seem to rally the guys. Yes, he has some come back wins, but were they luck? Anyways…if the players aren’t liking Patricia, for what ever reason, TOO BAD. You are professional athletes, paid to PLAY a sport. Can’t handle practice? Quit, and use that degree you got in college (lol)…Sorry for the long post, just as angry and confused as every one else right now.


Miagee say" no such thing as bad student…only bad teacher." “teacher say…student do.”

I think all three are talking: Patricia , Quinn, and JBC…they get a “plan” together, but Quin sets back and does numerous other things, Patricia is running between players and lines coaching , and JBC might KNOW what he want’s to do…or what the conversation they ALL had, but I think…

A. Either Jim Cooter thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and does what HE wants “similar” to the plan…but the way he want’s to call it.

B. He has no idea how to get the players to do the things they discussed , and only partially gets A set plan executed here or there. Patricia can explain it to Cooter until he’s blue in the face, but if Cooter doesn’t fully understand, or just doesn’t give a $#!7…because he’s going to do what he wants…CALL what he see’s fit. the TEAM in return, I think get mixed messages “AT TIMES” especially when Cooter is directing the play. His being a dipshit doesn’t help. but I get this feeling he thinks he’s better than he is and is acting like he’s some great OC.


The Lions coaching may not have been very good, but the execution by the players wasn’t either.


Going Miagee on us makes that, like, maybe your best post ever.


Based on the last 2 games, are you satisfied with the improvement on ST’s? I am!


I’m satisfied with the Lions’ run defense since Snacks got here. Take away the one big run against Minny when he wasn’t in there, and these guys are a suddenly shutting down the oppositions’ running games. Coverages ain’t so good though, I saw some WIDE OPEN receivers and some blown tackles on Sunday. You cannot be giving up a 72 yac. Pass rush is getting a little better too I think, Ziggy is getting more snaps and the Lions are getting more pressure or the QB.


YAC play was a practice squad guy falling down in isolation…but it means our cb depth is trash and thry need a #2 corner badly, plus move Teez to 4th safety or keep him off the field.