I don't come CLOSE to Pontiac's game thread *but* somebody has to do it while he's absent. LIONS VS REDSKINS GAME THREAD!

Ok Lions don’t give me a damn heart attack this game , every game feels like a health-risk to my health.
Please no more injuries and can you TRY to play football and maybe win a game? I dunno if I can handle the week’s posts here if you lose this #^!@%$& . Lets Go Lions and Game ON!!

YEAH CUB !!! Go Lions !!! I want the win , I want BO to show well going into Thursday

lol great tackling as usual.

Special teams…lol

I like the no call on the block in the back. The Redskin had his hand on him, but he didn’t really “push” when our guy went to the ground. Great no call that I’ve seen them call a bunch of times incorrectly.

Hey Mr. Wilson!!!

We, yes I said we, are dominating!!

why run it up the gut !0X out of 10X? right in the teeth of the defense for 2 yards.

Because you do not run sweeps with BO

What is the point throwing for a few yards?


OMG conservative on first possession

Throw short for a shorter field goal attempt on 3rd and long. But we missed it anyway. :frowning:

Jesus, that was one hell of a slider for what appeared to be very little wind.

This team will always suck until the front office and coaches get a set of nuts

I’m not sure I like running bo off tackle. He just needs to run straight ahead.

a RB 'should ’ be able to run it outside…not just straight forward…

Well this really is indicative of a 3-6-1 vs 1-9 game

Running a off tackle run with bo on 2nd and 10 and then a dump off pass on 3rd and 10 for like a 4 yard gain. Then we miss a fg. Might be a long game today


I love the stat they gave at the beginning of the game. “The Lions have held the lead in every one of their games this season.”
Glad we have a defensive genius as coach.


When it appear Driskel called an audible and Bo lost yards skins had 9 in box. Why not call pass