I expect the "loser talk" from fans. From the coach, it's just embarrassing

From Birkett at the Free Press:

You are what your record says you are — unless you’re the Detroit Lions and guaranteed to finish in last place in the NFC North for a second straight season.

The Lions turned in another dog of a performance Sunday, losing to the Minnesota Vikings, 20-7, on a day when their offense could do nothing right.

They went three-and-out on six of their first eight offensive possessions, finished with a season-low 231 yards of net offense, and narrowly avoided their first shutout since 2009.

At 3-9-1, the Lions are in danger of finishing with their worst record since going 2-14 a decade ago. But after Sunday’s game, embattled coach Matt Patricia insisted the Lions are not what their record says they are — the old Bill Parcells saying be damned.

“We’re in tight ballgames and we’re right there all the way through, and I think the hard thing for us and what I appreciate about this team is we don’t look at our record and say this is what we are,” he said. “I think we look at our record and say that’s not what we are and we’ve got to do better and try to figure out how we get the record to match up with what we are.”

Losers of six straight, the Lions are one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Just four teams have worse records, and only one — the lowly New York Giants — has a longer losing streak (eight).

Patricia, an offshoot of the Parcells coaching tree after working for Bill Belichick for 14 years, took over a Lions team coming off back-to-back nine-win seasons. So far, he has managed just nine wins in 29 games. His .328 winning percentage is worse than Jim Schwartz (.363) and Steve Mariucci (.349), and with three games to play, his job could be on the line.

I expect this kind of excuse making and petitioning to try to avoid accountability for results from a certain cohort of Lions fans, who have apparently been conditioned into it. Hearing it from Patricia just sounds weaselly, like a guy pleading to be kept on-board despite the fact that he’s failed from the moment he arrived.

As I’ve pointed out here multiple times, the 0-16 Lions lost four or five games by a TD or less. Being close in games doesn’t mean a thing.

And acting like you’re the only team in the league that has injuries is rather pathetic as well.

Am I the only one who thinks a 3-9-1 coach talking about how they’re always in games but just can’t quite win them works AGAINST bringing that coach back?


Well, they busted that “lead in every game” stat. That, was the last straw!

This is so embarrassing. If the coach can’t take accountability for the teams pathetic record, how can anyone expect the players to be accountable? Hearing this from an NFL coach is a mix between sickening and horrifying.


Were the excuses in another post?


I despise Patricia, but I really didn’t think what he said was that bad or shocking.


I’m now on the fire Quinn/Patricia bandwagon. Why waste another year? The defense is a tire fire and that is Patricia’s specialty. I don’t see drastic improvements next season under this duo and i don’t want Quinn to waste picks for a funky defensive system either. Drafting Tavai and Tabor in the 2nd round was absurd.

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Last year’s draft was a complete waste.
It’s going to go down as bad as the 1997 and 2005 drafts.


Since GB game, basically, everyone on the board:


Lions lose games

Lions fans:


If the lions win a single one of the next upcoming games:


Fucking retarded.


Honestly, I hope Quinn and Patricia get every minute out of their contracts. The coaching carousal that the Lions have had for 25 years is the majority of the problem. Whiny lil crybaby fans calling for firings because their expected outcome didn’t happen. Get over it. It’s a football game. Quit crying like a girl who didn’t get a unicorn for her birthday.

This board is unreadable 95% of the time, and if the Lions do win, the same couple clowns cry about how they didn’t win ‘right.’


I want to buy you a beer.:beers:

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Yeah, I don’t know why people are getting so pissed about losing with our 3rd QB and like our 4th RB starting?!?

Most of us knew before the season started that this was a 6 win team at best with Stafford…and without Stafford we’d have almost no chance…and then you have people posting the post-game presser saying MP is making excuses!!!

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Want to provide an example of that?

The Lions actually have a long record of giving coaches and GMs a lot of rope.

Mariucci - fired near end of 3rd season
Schwartz - five seasons
Caldwell - four seasons.

Russ Thomas - GM for 21 years.
Chuck Schmidt - GM for 11 years
Matt Millen - GM/President into his 8th year
Martin Mayhew - Executive VP/GM into his 7th season
Bob Quinn - Executive VP/GM in his fourth season.

In short, what in the hell are you talking about?

Are you Matt Patricia’s wife or something?

If only you had that level of vitriol for the failing “leadership” of this team.

You do you, though. Feel free to defend last place. Again.


Over in Pittsburgh they’re on their 3rd-string QB, their best RB has been out for awhile, they’ve lost key linemen for the year on both sides of the ball, and they’re on a scratching-and-clawing drive to the playoffs.

It’s all what you’re willing to make excuses for, I guess.


The Pro Patricia crowd on twitter and this message board will argue points that 10 seconds of google will easily prove wrong.

Its wild to me.


A coach and players that believe they’re better than the record shows. That’s what I gather, and I agree. But they aren’t doing enough to fix it, but it’s too late to do it for this season.

It’s been a steep fall down hill since getting hosed in GB.


How many coaches/OCs has Stafford has in his career?

Compare that with winning teams/QBs over the same length of time.

Is that what you consider to be normal, winning with a UDFA 3rd string QB?

I just showed you how long the coaches were here.

If you want to argue that Stafford struggles when everything isn’t optimal for him, I agree. I’ve seen the historical evidence over and over. When he’s great, he’s great. When he’s not, his offensive coordinators eventually shoulder the blame.

But as for head coaches, someone put together the list of the average tenure of every head coach in every recent season.

2009 - 11 coaches hired. Average tenure before the ones that were fired, were fired. 2.86 seasons.

2010 - 3 coaches hired. Average tenure before the fired ones were fired: 3.5 seasons.

2011 - 2.83 seasons
2012 - 1.9 seasons
2013 - 1.98 seasons
2014 - 1.81 seasons
2015 - 1 season.

The Lions have exceeded these league averages with their head coach’s tenure consistently. The last coach they fired after two seasons was Mornhinweg – and that was because Millen could go from the Mariucci copycat he desired to Mariucci himself.

It’s a false correlation. Yes, successful franchises have a lot of stability in their head coaching. But that doesn’t mean you stick with something that’s not working year after year after year. Successful head coaches stayed in their positions because they won.

I’ll prove it.

The last 10 Super Bowl Champions
2018 - Eagles. Coach: Doug Pederson. Hired: 2016
2016 - 7-9
2017 - 13-3

2017 - Patriots Coach: Bill Belichick Hired: 2000
2000 - 5-11
2001 - 11-5

2016 - Patriots

2015 - Broncos Coach: Gary Kubiak Hired: 2015
2015 - 12-4
2016 - 9-7

2014 - Patriots

2013- Seahawks. Coach: Pete Carroll. Hired: 2010
2010 - 7-9
2011 - 7-9
2012 - 11-5
2013 - 13-3

2012 - Ravens. Coach - John Harbaugh Hired: 2008
2008 - 11-5
2009 - 9-7
2010 - 12-4
2011 - 12-4

2011 - Giants. Coach: Tom Coughlin Hired: 2004
2004 - 6-10
2005 11-5
2006 8-8
2007 10-6
2008 12-4

2010 - Green Bay Packers Coach: Mike McCarthy. Hired: 2006
2006 - 8-8
2007 - 13-3
2008 - 6-10
2009 - 11-5
2010 - 10-6

2009 - Saints. Coach: Sean Payton. Hired: 2006
2006 - 10-6
2007 - 7-9
2008 - 8-8
2009 - 13-3.

It’s a copycat league. So what does a decade’s worth of Super Bowl-winning coaches show us?

Usually, they turn things around right away. The few who stumbled out of the gate, or stumbled after winning in their first year, never regressed too far. And they were winning again, for good, in very short order.

I’d argue the teams firing their coaches more quickly are doing it right. It either works or it doesn’t work. And it no longer takes four or five seasons to know.

Patricia has taken the team backwards since the literal moment he arrived here. They even looked more abysmal and in disarray in the preseason than I ever remember seeing – and then that’s played out exactly in the regular season.


Yawn. Who cares? How many coaches/OCs has Stafford had in his career? Zero fucks given about every other team. I’m just tired of seeing these idiot lions fans screaming in every single thread 'FIRE THEM ALL! ’ How well has that worked? If you haven’t seen noticeable improvements overall with the team but some bad breaks early in the season, mostly with the refs, than you’re blind and shouldn’t listen to football.

If anyone here thought the Lions would win out with our 2nd or then 3rd string QB, you should just kill yourself and spare the internet your wasted comments.

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Collective morons.