I feel that as a group we are slipping farther away from NFL Football discussion, facts and recent current news

I feel we are leaning heavier towards more of the off topic side and putting a lot more energy there instead…

THIS is THE DEN and together you guys are collectively very good at finding worthwhile NFL / and Lioall things football and news other teams or not. thats why I joined and stayed here all these years because THIS was the best damn place you could find for football and LIONS news !! place was fantastic ! because of all of YOU.

but lately? It feels like everybody is more interested in other “lesser” things and focusing on the OT more, we need to refill the football.

That’s because there’s virtually nothing to talk about. This is the dead part of the offseason, and its even more dead this year. Its always been like this, with football talk picking up as we get more football related items to discuss.


I’ve been around here and never have I seen us just drop everything, we always tried to dig and keep it going before, I mean yeah it slowed way down but I don’t remember the time we said “fu$k IT !” and just threw our hands up like “oh well” nothing about football to talk about anymore so i stop, i quit."

the topics were slow and painfully at times, but never seen the Den quit just because it’s “that time” of season , 8 months ago we was playing ball , now it’s like no one wants to keep it going until we do play and with very few preseason games now…
but fight and argue in OT. shrug…I don’t know . :no_mouth:

What was the board like during the last global pandemic that shut down sports?


This made me lol, well put Wesley.

I find the off topic discussion is much better than it used to be
Most are trying to be somewhat reasoned about their positions

It is less infuriating.

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The only way the OTT would improve is the return of SID. I think everyone can appreciate his no nonsense approach.


Is there a way to have the main screen default to General Lions Talk instead of All Categories?

I tried with Sid for a long long time

There was a fix posted by Sirlion awhile back, I tried it but it didn’t last. Assuming same for you and many, right?. Let me ask Nate…

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they haven’t shut down the NFL, just doing different things bc of the virus , there will be a season. The NBA is still going and also using different measures there, and I think the NHL will still be on track…not sure about MLB

not to be flippant , and i value your opinion Wes, always have.

:roll_eyes: whats that say about you? I at least try to keep lions football topics going instead of just letting football discussion completely end here .even if we are impeded by the virus and we have to get used to different things to actually view or go to games. everybody cares about the team, this place and eachother OR you would just not be here daily.

Posted six new Lions related topics yesterday largely for that reason–to try to get the Lions talk going.

What I see and a group of forum members, maybe driven by the virus, opening up about themselves.

Aka - allowing ones self to be vulnerable… being more comfortable maybe

I recall in 2016 posting about my heart the week before I could go in for my scope… I was worried, scared I had a greater than average chance of dying.

I was surprised how nice y’all were…

And since then I have tried to be transparent as possible… like opening up about my faith… etc…

Respectfully to the OP… there’s more to life than football and we are embracing that somewhat as we are in the NFL dead space

But - you all have to want to talk openly and more are doing so… I love it

It’s messy and beautiful at the same time…

I pimp this place out a lot to other people about this very fact: I never thought I’d be on a stereotypical ugh!! Me love football!! Alpha male guys… talking about the thing we do here

I love it

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lol um well put -i think. :upside_down_face:

Love ya bro!

I made a football post about the starting CB’s after I read this so that post is a tribute to you wolf. :slight_smile:

It says there’s this pandemic and bigger world problems and football is questionable if it will even be played, so why not talk about other things that are important in this world as well as football?!?!?!

Two words: