I Like Scarbrough

I get his limitations but he’s a tough runner

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Bo knows hard running. I love the guy, and with him KeJo, TyJo, and McKissic, the RBBC approach looks good. If Kerryon can manage to stay healthy for an entire season, that is. Remind me of Joique Bell a lot.

I like what i seen from him today.

I like Bo, so far. I’m calling Ty inconclusive. I’d like to see them try to use him, so we know what we have. I still feel like we need RB help in the offseason.

I think the Lions have too many other problems that rank higher than our RBs. They ain’t getting much from Bawden, the guy seems to be hurt too often. But Scarborough, damn that man does move the pile. been awhile since I’ve seen a Lions RB do that.


Bo did look good. He is worth cheering for and watching.


Bo is good. He’s never proven durable but he can play when he’s available

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He averaged 3.9 YPC. That was good enough for us to overpay James Stewart for a good while back in the day.

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I’m holding my breath and not chiming in much about Bo just yet because of all our past running issues and players. going to see if his play continues -for the better.

Our biggest issue with running backs has been health. Best would’ve been good. Same with LeShoure. Same with Kevin Jones. We’ve been snakebit by injuries at that position


Agreed from my perspective. Really talented but with injury flags, reason he slipped so far in the draft but also his skills are why he played for the number 1 team in the nation and got drafted at all…

Did Kevin Jones or LeShoure have injury issues coming out of college? I don’t remember that.

I didn’t remember either being considered injury prone coming out of college. I did a quick Wiki review on both and neither mentioned any injury

We needed a yard and he got the first down.
Haven’t seen that in awhile.
Worth keeping around for that.

We need to involve him in the screen game. That is where he is AJ absolute load